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Supplements Anabolic Steroids -- Three Stories: Urban Legends Or True?


Apr 18, 2019
My own experience with any of this is the occasional course of a gel to rub into my upper arm to pre-empt any long-range endocrine issue which could cause osteoporosis on account of being on narcotics, so my knowledge about them is mainly the specifics of the pharmacology and so forth, and the occasional anecdote from physiotherapists and the folks who run the place I go to keep my core muscle strength up as much as I can, and of course propaganda posters, reading material , PSAs and so on, propaganda being a neutral thing: it is how everyone propagates their ideas

There are three rather vivid anecdotes which I wonder about because I have heard them more than once over many years.

First, there was someone who was juicing for his own edification, i.e. not a competitive athlete at that point, and could lift 525 kg on the leg press machine, which when he does this the third time (this was the maximum the machine could be used for -- it was the whole stack of lead or iron weights) he feels and hears a crrrracck! and his quadricep femoris detaches from one end and rolls up like a tape measure. I have also heard this said about the bicep.

Second, somebody was not only on roids but liked to get pumped up with dextroamphetamine before a workout and chill with some C-Jam, oxycodone, nalbuphine, Special K, and pentabarbitone after a session. Only one night, he was in an unfamiliar place as he was visiting friends at another university, and it slowly dawned on him that maybe there were Mafia or Yakuza hit men after him because he owed somebody money. After ransacking a couple of dormitory rooms in search of recording devices, he finds a cassette recorder that one the students used to record lectures to transcribe them later. The sight of the recording device was enough to send him running from the building in only bikini underpants in -5°C weather and was next seen outrunning vehicular traffic on a street with a 50 km/h speed limit, then using this lengthy running start to jump into a second-storey window of a show facing the street. The runner fought with employees and cops and ran around trying to evade them for more than 30 minutes.

Thirdly, someone used hard liquor to soothe the aches from a prolonged roids-fuelled workout as he was out of morphine cubes . . . two hours later, this individual was captured by the Mounties after his blood alcohol concentration somewhere north of 700 mg/dl allowed him to do catastrophic damage to houses, shops, automobiles, newspaper vending machines, street signage including a traffic light, to fight with a bunch of people, and run from the cops at 90 km/h on two sprained ankles.

And a bonus one is about the fellow who didn't know exactly what steroids are and that they come in anabolic, catabolic, and non-endocrine-influencing forms. Armed with the advice that methylprednisolone is chemically and structurally a steroid, he goes to town on it as they say, gets a stash online, gets to where he is covered in bruises just from everyday activities, and comes very close to giving himself Cushing's Syndrome and having his body retract his testicles into his lower body abdominal cavity.


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Jul 23, 2009
They all seem plausible if one takes out the speed in which the people are claimed to be running.