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Stimulants **(Adderall help)**


Nov 16, 2015
So im seeking advice, today before school i took 10mg of adderall at 7:30. The effects were good but i felt it wearing off so at about 11 i took another 10mg, so 20mg in total.

Im 15 and super skinny im 5'3 and about 90 pounds. I also dont have that much experience with ADHD/ADD pills. What im asking is what a good dose would be. Its about 4pm now and i can still feel the effects. I really like taking adderall because it really helps me focus on my work and get better grades. My only issue is the afternoon. Im super tired, have no hunger, and have nausea. I need to know if 20mg is too much or if i need to only take 10 or even 15 if possible. Btw this is only for this week for finals and not long term. Although i do hope to get perscribed adderall soon because i do have ADHD.

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20 Mg sounds a little high, based on what you said.I would start at 10mg and wok up. IR pills usually only last 4 hours at most. If 10mg didn't make you go crazy, start there. When it starts to wear off, you might take another 10 mg or even less. I am assuming you have the IR Adderall. Remember to eat something and stay hydrated. Remember, one pill lasts +/- 4 hours. Go by how your body feels. Last thing. You can't live on this. Your body needs rest.


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I would think it lasts more then 4 hours, at least the residual stimulation not the euphoria. I don't really take it all that often an I can say 20mg in a day is indeed a bit high for someone just starting.

Also I would reconsider taking it often or more then a tool for very occasional use and to be honest I wouldn't take it at your age as you need to be building the fundamentals of good studying and then once you get that going then you can add stimulants on a very occasional level but at your age you don't want to get reliant on something for energy, the world has yet to rob you of it ;)