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Stimulants Adderall and Lyrica and a really weird 3 days


Oct 20, 2011
Hey this is my first post,
So I taken a prescribed dose of 600mg of lyrica and 60 Mg of Adderall 1 ER and 2 IR. Anyways the past three days have been very odd I took extra adderall the first and second day about 40 mgs of it. I have taken adderall for years im 25 and ive had taken i on and off since I was about 10. The Lyrica ive been on for about 1 year for anxiety and nerve pain with the off label that it keeps me totally from thinking or using opioids. The past 2 nights i have not slept even letting my last adderall dose be very early. It hasnt ever kept me awake like this. The funny thing is I still dont feel exhausted like normal with adderall binges I feel coherent and have gotten A ton of things done also i dont feel speedy which is normal because of my add i just feel awake and actually interested in nearly anything. What im really wondering is why the hell its last so long...I use the tums method with a cimitdiene(tagamet) stopper but even with that it doesnt last all night and like meth is my body just reacting funny or having a processing blurp. Also normally I can eat fine on it too but this time no its hard. Also for me sleep deprivation is brutal I normally start seeing shadowy thing and faces after a day or so but this time after 2 full nights im still coordinated and thinking alright I am starting to see lights and objects are turning into things but normally im flipping out by this day like desomorphone detox I was seeing tons of direct hallucinations after 2 days haha this is just odd but now i do want to sleep but cant yet. What do you guys think causes this and any ideas on how to speed up processing?

pa sorry if this isnt written well my vision is bad and i may typing something else because a hallucination or something :)


Oct 20, 2012
Thats a lot of amphetamine, and i know it affects ppl differently. My friend and I took a 70mg vyvanse at like 1pm. I passed out at 3am. He told me the next day he couldnt sleep until 8am. I guess take it as early as possible. You could also get prescribed ambien, lunesta, or benzos. Or just tell your doctor and lower your dosage of adderall.