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Supplements Adderall and Endurance Sports


Dec 18, 2016
I've got a friend that is an avid Runner and cyclist, running since 2010 and cycling / triathlons since 2012 with clothes 2:30 Marathon completed and 2Xtreme triathlons, eight full Ironmans, over a dozen half Ironmans and countless Sprint, Olympic distant triathlons completed.

Not knowing if taken before every training run or training cycling ride but commonly taken in the same sense someone would take an energy gel before a bike ride or run. My friend does not have ADD, ADHD but somehow legitimately is being prescribed by a pharmacy monthly 60 tablets of 20 mg Adderall. Although she doesn't advertise her use of, but will commonly take half of a 20 mg Adderall before a training run, swim or bike ride or before an actual race event.

For what purpose would Adderall be taken before training or a race? Is feeling of having more energy the only reason orange juice or is there other enhancements that would make Adderall desirable to use as a performance enhancement?

With someone engaging in Endurance Sports such as Marathon running and triathlons, what are the risks associated with common use of adderal as a performance enhancer?

I know her use of 10 mg is very common when training and racing. She takes several vitamins and multivitamins. It's very common to see half a dozen adderal pills broken in half mixed in with the different vitamins that she keeps in her ridding bag swim bag and running bag or gym bag.

The only reason I can think why someone would take adderal is because of the added boost and energy it can give you. The side effects that I know of, faster heart rate, faster breathing, higher blood pressure are all thanks that I who is also an avid cyclist would try to avoid as far as it causing more stress on your heart on top of the physical demand of the endurance sport.

Are there any negative side effects that would be of concern? Is the extra boost in energy enough to make adderal worth using?

If you had 20mg pills, what would be the reason for breaking them in half and only taking 10 mg other than to the quantity of pills you have making it last longer?

I know she commonly uses it before running or cycling but I'm not sure if she's taking it a few times during a long ride or run the same way and energy gel would be taken several times during a long hundred mile bike ride.

For someone who does not have ADHD or ADD, how can someone legitimately from the doctor be prescribed adderal and how safe is it to use 10 mg a few times during a 4-Hour bike ride or Marathon or even a 11 hour triathlon?


Sep 11, 2016
Adderall and stimulants in general enhance performance...that’s commonly known. She’s using it for a performance enhancer. Increase endurance, reduce fatigue, etc. I have lots of friends that do this.

The reason for taking 10mg is because that’s all she feels she needs (I’m guessing, I’m not her).

There’s a curve for dose to performance increase with every substance on the planet. Most of the time, stimulants in larger doses aren’t going to help in performance events. Gotta find that sweet spot and it will be different for everyone.

I think your also overestimating how hard it is to get Adderall and how risky it is. It’s extremely easy to get in the US and it’s really not much of a CV risk. People don’t die from amphetamines. the bodies just aren’t there. In those doses it’s going to increase mental focus and decrease fatigue.


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Jul 23, 2009
I don't see an issue with it aside from frequent dosing over a short period of time. Considering amps have like a 9-12hr half life.


Jul 12, 2020
Well i must be very tolerant. I take up to 60mg of dexamphetamine sulphate before runs and sometimes i can hardly even notice it. Sometimes with a little 2FMA thrown in for good measure. I'm 2 years off 60


Feb 14, 2019
Well i must be very tolerant. I take up to 60mg of dexamphetamine sulphate before runs and sometimes i can hardly even notice it. Sometimes with a little 2FMA thrown in for good measure. I'm 2 years off 60
I’m the same way. To really even feel amphetamines these days I need at least 100 mg. And a lot of the euphoria or feel good effects have long disappeared for good