Adderall - 100mg oral and 10mg insufflated all at once after a 2 week tolerance break


Aug 10, 2018
Midwest USA
So yesterday, 8/25 at 3:00pm eastern time I decided to pop 5 of my 20mg Adderall IR pills and snort another half of a pill (10mg). Last month I took this exact same dose in the same exact way and managed to achieve Adderall Euphoria for the first time in years! (Didn't even know it was possible for me anymore). So then, 30 minutes pass, and I'm eagerly awaiting the onset in the hopes that I can replicate the Euphoria that I experienced last month. I had taken two weeks off in order to allow my Dopamine reserves to replenish themselves.

After about 35-40 minutes I can feel it. At around 4:00pm (t1:00), I can feel a very light feeling of Euphoria. Unfortunately, it fades quickly and doesn't get any stronger. At this point I neglected to check the clock for a while. The next time I checked the clock it was 7:00pm, and I was like "Wow shit I should get up and stretch. I immediately had to take a piss, like it felt like it was gonna spill out of me if I didn't run to the bathroom ASAP, so I did, and thank God I made it!

I used the bathroom and did some stretches. I felt kind of sore from sitting still for so long. I sat back down and, once again, failed to check the clock. The next time I checked it I thought that about only 30 minutes had passed since I sat back down, but I checked the clock and it was freakin 10:00pm.

I can usually sort of focus on Adderall but when I take my prescribed dose of between 5-20mg I tend to feel really anxious after about 30 min to an hour after taking it. I've dosed 110mg three times in the past month now, and strangely enough, all three times I had no anxiety whatsoever. I just felt sort of manic and spent the entire night sitting in the basement writing in my notebook. I heard that John McCain died and I found myself creating a theory that I called the 'John McCain Double Soul Ascension Theory' that states that we have a Greater Soul for Ascending to higher realms and a lesser soul for reincarnating and achieving growth. Once the Lesser Soul achieves enough growth after a series of lifetimes lived through the birth/death/rebirth cycle, it counts as one cycle for the Greater Soul, allowing to Ascend to a higher realm.

Pretty sure I achieved level 120 Mania, allowing me to Raid my Notebook with Theories that made no sense whatsoever. Without even realizing that a significant amount of time had passed again, I checked the clock, and it was 7AM! Needless to say the Adderall lasted for roughly 18 hrs. Should I be dead? I heard the FDA maximum safe daily dose is somewhere around 70mg per day, and I took 40mg more than that after taking a two week tolerance break!

Anyway, at least I know now that I need to take a supplement like DL-Phenylalanine to replenish my Dopamine reserves, as well as take a longer break. How long do you think I should break for? I would really like to know. I'm thinking that 4-6 months of abstinence should be plenty of time for my Dopamine to recharge.

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