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Jan 20, 1999
We've split the NAEvents into MW-NE-RestOfNAE.

The MW remains as it ever was, to post new events you need to reply to the new event thread and the mods would appreciate your help in keeping the titles correctly formatted.

The NE is similar to the MW in how to post events (you should also be used to this by now).

The "Other" section was split off so we could get more members from those regions to start posting events. They aren't drowned out by NE events, and we've lifted the "New Thread" restriction in there in hopes of pulling more people into sharing those events with us. The mods would still like member help in keeping with the current title formatting.


This is just a beginning, to see how we can increase traffic for these areas of the site, and the mods and I will review the situation after a few months to see if further changes are needed (such as splitting "Other" into regions, restricting posting in "Other", etc).

Thanks for your help and cooperation.


Feb 22, 2000
Getting to the point ...
With a drop in traffic for Events in the Americas, all such discussions have been put into NASADD. In a bit of house cleaning, we are merging what used to be the separate regional archives.