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Lyrics A tiny line of ket, alot of Lyrica, speed, K- pins and a few fingrers of rum


Jun 10, 2017
So, I ingested a few drugs, becoming a salsa in my head and this is what crawled out ...
I guesss they're lyrics, I remember playing guitar, singing as if I was on stage.
It's ridden with errors, but I guess thats what makes it .. honest.


You Reap What You Sough

Once I felt the warmth while doped and dazed under the sun,
Everything is dark and damp now, I've seen my name carved into slugs
Disobiedient until I die, I was stealin' paper and heroin from thug
I pray they pop me in my sleep, when I'm comatose from drugs

My redemption will be the bangs, coming from their straps
Will they drop me on the street, or bang me in my trap?
Will I wake up staring down the barrel
Of a goon holding a gat?

I never hugged my brother, before I had to creep and dash,
and joy is just a word now, my heart is filled with broken glas
My dear baby sisters, I wish I was more present in the past,
just know my love is perpetual, even if I fade away to fast

I won't my niece as she grows up, that thought stabs me like a knife
Pénji, please take care of dad , I hope he won't break
when it's finally my time
I hope my friends remember who I used to be, the boy that used to smile
and I hope I can forgive myself, for every scheme, trick and every lie

I need tell my mother that I love her, man, and I need to hear it back
My big sister is my hero, I wish I knew where she's at
You made me who I am, taught me that morals are but trash
diro miros kamli, penjì, let me met you
before I fade into that endless black

And I can't keep my shit together, I have no trick left to cope
Just pistol in my hand, I guess this is the end of my rope
Forgive me for my mistakes, I was lost in reveries and dope
Sia mi, this is goodbye, and I wish this was just a bad joke

Cold steel against my head, I whisper god, pretty please
But god doesn't give a fuck, about a junkie on his knees
I force a smile before the mirror, take breath
and I laugh before I squeeze


I never thought I'd be a junkie, slumped outside a store,
I never thought I'd hold a gun, or get mugged by whores
I excelled in using violence to to justify the ends
I cultivated darkness, now my shadow is my only friend

Never thought I'd feel ecstatic with my hands around his neck,
I never knew I was my shadow until the light was but a speck

Broken noses, fractured jaws, busted teeth and blown out knees,
the rupture of myself, that gash that always bleeds -
Metamorphosis from a deadhead- hippie to a callous slinger,
First I chopped up junk ,and then I was chopping fingers

I'd never thought I'd be a resident, where men are neither good or bad;
where what you grab is what you get, who you own is what you have;
where violence is the currency, who's the got the dope is crowned king,
where there's nothing left to loose, and there's nothing here to win

The writings on my walls reads that I am fucked,
I've never seen such beauty,
And everyday I think about how to self-destruct

I never thought I'd fall to pieces by the echo of a voice,
I kept my eyes at my feet, as if this path was my only choice

Broken noses, fractured jaws...

Useless reveries

Do you see the shadows of friends you left behind?
The ghost of every love you thought you lost to time?
Do you scream in silence when night comes crashing in?
the uninvited sun that burns you paper thin?
Do you feel at ease when you contemplate the end?
the solitary darkness, a constant needy friend
Do you hold your chin up, enjoy the cosmic ride?
Or wait down by the beach, for a crushing tide?
Do you fear your own mind, a starving bird of prey
How can you go mad, when you don't know whats sane?
I used to search for answers, to riddles lost in time
what I lost was me, but he was never really mine
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