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Misc A question about fentanyl HCL solubility in water


Jan 30, 2014
So I'm very confused. I assume it can't be this simple and no one should attempt what I am about to suggest as a possibility and this is just meant as a hypothetical discussion. Again do not attempt to attempt what will be discussed as it is very likely to lead to death. Only attempt if the end result is for molecular content analysis and never human consumption.

Now then if fentanyl HCL is soluble at 0.024 mg or 24 ug* then couldn't one (again only in a controlled lab space) just mix a small amount of fentanyl with water and as long as the solution is aloud to sit and precipitate the excess fentanyl and drawn with a micron filter would that cause it to have 24 ug for every ml drawn?

I wonder because many say they have fentanyl HCL and make nasal solutions that have 1:1 and no one suggests they shoot only 24ug... I have to wonder if that solubility rating is right shouldn't their solutions have chunky excess fentanyl hot spots? It's not like everyone just had soluble citrate and didn't know as many had them lab tested from what was posted on the different discussions that came up in search. I'm just trying to find a better understanding on this strange compound to help people not kill themselves.

Again fentanyl should not be used unless prescribed by a Dr as prescribed and should not be handled pure unless dressed in no contact gear as a grain of fentanyl on your skin and you're dead. A splash of fentanyl solution on your bare foot after spilling a solution carelessly put together over a carpet rather than a removable covering over tile, marble, cement, etc after you or your mom steps in it not realizing what waits... Then the dog dies after... And the rest of your family. No joke.