A-PHP Crystal - First Time - My 7 Day Experience Report


Jan 6, 2011
Hello everyone, I just posted this on drugs forum but I figured I would share it here as well since I also use this site for information:


Hello all,

I am here to share with you my experience with the crystallized version of the synthetic stimulant A-PHP. My experience with this chemical spans over 7 days including today. I feel it is not only important for me to contribute to the

little experiential information regarding this chemical, but absolutely obligatory due to the range of effects that I have experienced that may prevent others who may be similar to myself from doing physical or mental harm.

A brief introduction about myself and my history of substance usage:
31 years old

I have used mostly all of the common drugs from every category though I have extensive experience with opiates, having had a previous heroin addiction that I am clean from for over 17 months now. Though I have used stimulants in the

past, namely cocaine and methamphetamine, and even psychedelic stimulants such as the DOx class and 2C-x family, A-PHP was my first experience with substituted cathinones.

I received about 5 grams of the crystal A-PHP. It was a slightly tan crystal that seemed to appear to have a white-ish powder coating around it, yet on further inspection this was part of the crystalline structure itself.

Day 1 - Friday

Began allergy test at roughly 1-2mg sublingually. Immediate numbness to affected area. 15 minutes pass and numbness subsides. Wait additional 45 mins for allergy test completion.

Load 5-7mg on foil for vaporization. When vaporized chemical melts from crystal into a clear liquid, and upon vaporization of liquid, substance turns to an amber colored liquid. Vapor is relatively smooth and taste is strange. Strangely

enough smells like semen, and though I've never tasted semen I could only imagine it tastes similar to the vapor of A-PHP...

Effects are felt immediately, slight rushing sensation. Definitely euphoric although I believe the dosage needs to be upped for a stronger sensation. Main euphoria/partial rush lasts rougly 15 minutes before it begins to subside into

general positive mood lift and stimulation. The stimulation is strangely calming and pleasant, versus other stimulants I have used like cocaine, I do not normally experience this, even though their method of action is similar (NDRI).

An additional 15mg is placed on foil roughly 45 minutes after first dosage. Vaped again and this is where I felt a significant rush and euphoria. Lasted roughly 30 minutes of an extremely pleasant high. Very talkative and euphoric,

talking a mile a minute with my test partner sitting across from me. Again though, still strangely a calm stimulation rather than a tweaky one. I am very pleased with this chemical.

Here is the catch, and this has been extensively mentioned with all pyrovalerones and in particular MDPV, A-PVP and A-PHP. The urge to redose is very, very high. As I continue with my experience report in the later days this will become

more apparent, though for this session today I am able to stop redosing after around 2 and half hours.

There IS a crash, for me it consisted of around 45 minutes of depression, followed by an additional 5-7 hours of residual stimulation, teeth grinding was noticed during comedown though not severe. No pupil dilation for this chemical,

which I was actually expecting since usually all stimulants tend to dilate my pupils. That night I was able to sleep with the help of some benadryl and after reflecting on the experience I found it was worth doing again despite the

rushing effects being shortlived.

Day 2 - Saturday

I had a family arrangement today at 6pm and was actually not planning on redosing today. I woke up from my sleep and went through my day as usual and when finished from my family event I went to see my testing partner who I had

originally experimented with A-PHP yesterday. Needless to say we had dosed again, this time using a meth pipe/oil burner.

This time around the effects were still strong, and in fact much better, which I could only assume was due to switching the method of intake from foil to an oil burner. We started our experimentation at 11pm and ended around 1:30am.

This time though, was markedly different from before. The rush, in the beginning was still excellent and euphoric, no doubt about that. Though our elapsed time between doses became significantly shorter than yesterdays experience. By the

end of the 2 and a half hour session we were almost hitting the pipe hit after hit with barely 5-10 minutes in between. The euphoria was still present after each hit, though it was certainly diminished and felt more like a satisfaction

filled rather than achieving the rush the first hits provided. Again this chemical was still pleasant to use though it must be noted that the diminished effects happened somewhat sharply from one day to the next.

This time around, and mistakenly on my part, we had no benzodiazepines and I was not willing to take an antihistamine for sleep while still heavily peripherally stimulated for the next 7 hours. I did not like the idea of vasoconstriction

meeting an antihistamine that may indeed increase the load on my cardiovascular system. Also important to note, I had read much about vasoconstriction with this chemical but this was not yet noticed to a high degree in my persons or my

test partner.

This resulted in a night of insomnia, finally reaching sleep at around 9:30am, though I only actually slept for 2 hours.

Day 3 - Sunday

Today I resisted the urge to dose again and took the time to recover from the lack of sleep, I spent all day relaxing and catching up with my body. No noticeable side effects to report other than the obvious effects of sleep deprivation

Day 4 - Monday

This is when I really began to experience the addictive potential of this chem. I again, was not actually planning on dosing today. My testing partner came over, and she had specifically asked me if she should bring the mg scale and

other materials for the PHP. For some reason I do not know, I told her to bring this. Again, needless to say we spent that day dosing.

This time around, the rush was there for maybe the first 30 minutes of hitting it. But instead of 1 or 2 solid hits to acheive it, the rush was maintained by successive hits of the pipe over and over and over again. This lasted from 2pm

to 5pm and by the time 5 rolled around, the effects had begun to diminish significantly, but not enough to where it was undesirable to keep hititng the pipe. At this point we had to leave the house for certain reasons, and both of us not

wanting to end our session this soon, took our material with us and desperately searched for an area to safely dose. This searching around the city, while coming down (the onset of the comedown had become far sooner than what it had

originally been, and the peripherial stimulation of the comedown became more intense) was a very unpleasant experience. When we finally had decided on a spot to dose, the first hit I took (all unknown mg amounts at this point) seemed to

calm me down, if only for 10 minutes. And within 45 minutes of hitting the pipe, the euphoria seemed to diminish entirely and parinoia and anxiety seemed to take its place as the immediate effects upon hitting. The anxiety became so

intense upon my last hit of this substance that I actually could not function for a good 10 - 15 minutes. Almost like a panic attack but with physical stimulation to a moderate degree.

At 7pm this was my last hit of the night, and I spent the rest of the night attempting to come down. At this point I had 16 grams of Kratom and some hard alcohol that aided greatly in the comedown process. Though still slightly

uncomfortable from the stimulation I was able to manage and fall asleep at around 3am and very lightly sleep from then till 9 o clock.

Day 5 - Tuesday

Today I had plans for school from 11:15am to 4:00pm. Again with no real intentions to dose, except by now I am beginning to realize the futility of my will power with this chemical, and am beginning to accept that dosing may be

inevitable today. At 12:30 I get a call from a mechanic who says he now has time to work on my car. I use this as an excuse to leave school, drop my car off, and walk home without returning to school. This time I am alone when using A-

PHP and I no longer have a oil burner on me since my testing partner returned to her home with it, intentionally so I do not use the PHP. Very ineffective deterrant in retrospect.

As I walk home I pick up a lighter at the local smoke shop, ask if they have oil burners but they do not. Thats fine, at this point I am already planning a dose and willing to go through with the experience again using foil.

No scale on me, I load up a decent sized chunk of crystal A-PHP on the foil and let it rip. I have taken WAY too much. Absolutely no euphoria, and I blast straight into a wall of vasoconstriction. profuse sweating, and extreme anxiety

and parinoia. You would think by now I am no longer going to redose since I actually received no positive effects what so ever. How wrong I am. I spend the entire rest of the day, trying hit by hit to acheive some level of pleasure. And

I am receiving NOTHING. Nothing except anxiety, stimulation, ever increasing vasoconstriction, and the first notice of my lungs beginning to feel ached from this vapor, which honestly does not go down harsh, but must be caustic in some

way. I spend my day from 2pm - 10pm chasing a non existant high, each and every time I dose thinking that somehow I will derive pleasure from this next hit. The negative effects I list continue to incrementally escalate with each and

every dose.

The interesting part is that, upon ending my session, there is very little comedown. I don't know much about stimulants, but from this I can only assume it is because there was very little come up at all! The stimulation takes about 2

hours to subside this time, but the insomnia does not let up. By 12am I was feeling no effects from the drug comedown wise, but stil was unable to sleep till 6am in the morning. Again receiving a very light sleep of only a few hours this


Day 6 - Wednesday

Today again, I was not only not planning on dosing, but I was highly resistant to the idea. I realized that I would need to take a break from this chem to regain the euphoria and rush I had experienced from Day 1 and 2. I had plans to

hit the surf with my friend who I hadn't seen in a while, and figured this would be a good distraction and excuse to not go near the A-PHP again today. Well the mechanic called with bad news, that the repair he did was not effective and

I was to have no car again for today.

This was not good news, because that became a quick rationale to get right back on the A-PHP, KNOWING that I would probably not receive pleasure, but hoping at the same time I would.

Needless to say the session again lasted from 11 - 5pm, stopping at 5pm because the negative effects I listed previously became too overpowering and I physically could not do more A-PHP without being absolutely reckless to my health.

Though this break did not last long, as AGAIN when the negative effects subsided I was back on it until I hit the same point of negative overpowerment, thank god it came much sooner.

The comedown this time was nearly non existent, except the insomnia was still like normal. This time I took Doxylamine Succinate (antihistamine) as means to going to sleep around 2am, and remarkably did fall asleep safely, but only very

lightly and for a couple of hours. I spent the rest of the night and morning wide awake and feeling very physically uncomfortable.

Day 7 - Thursday (today)

Today was supposed to be my no more day. I have had it with this chemical and NEED to take an extended break, for at least 2 weeks before any further experimentation. And today I almost kept good on my promise. Though my etizolam finally

came in the mail today, and this became my out for attempting a dose one more time to see if I can get some good feelings. This was the compulsion to dose taking ahold of my will power, and I loaded up another hit of A-PHP. At this

point, my lungs are definitely in minor to moderate pain, I am extremely sleep deprived from the past days, I probably still have residual stimulation and A-PHP floating around in my body, and I am already beginning to lose my sober

state of mind from the lack of sleep alone.

Hit number one was all I needed.

This hit took me right to the verdge of psychosis, a part of my lip went numb, my feet and hands became ice cold, and my heart and chest were feeling very stressed. The anxiety skyrocketed because of the physical sensations I was

feeling, and that was it for me. I had a serious mental crisis in my head vowing to ACTUALLY be good on my promise to take a break. The extreme negative effects cleared in about 10 minutes and about an hour later I began to write this


Overall I found this chem to be extremely fun and pleasant in the beginning, though as many others have mentioned the urge to redose with this one competes with the desire for heroin, except at least with heroin I am good for a few hours

after a hit, where as this chem needs to be hit closer together for everyday the euphoria and positive effects begin to diminish. Until you tap out completely what positive effects this substance has to offer. This chemical is most

definitely caustic in some way, although I did not actually realize that until yesterday, as before then my lungs had no noticeable pain. The vasoconstriction again, like other side effects arent really noticable in the beginning days of

a binge, but became more than apparent by its end.

I will be taking an extended break from this chem (god willing) and will re experiment with it using a benzo for a comedown and finding some way to fight the urge to redose the next day.

otherwise I am satisfied with the positive effects that came from this chem in the short term, and when I repeat my experience I will be sure to repost.

Thanks for listening and I hope anyone reading this can learn from my experience.

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Oct 2, 2013
Man that was a good read. I know this a little older,suprised this thread never went anyplace. Have you tried it again? Seems like like if you could keep it to like once a week or twice a month it would be fun.


Feb 18, 2016
In your mind
a-php is fucking savage. I know this shit is old but theres hardly any info out on this one. been playing it for a few months. you'll certainly convince yourself you've fuckstarted your cardiovascular system, liver, and kidneys but so far every time I've gone to the doctor normal vitals. Had blood drawn recently and tested for generic sickness (currently have a virus which php makes disappear awesome pain relief and decongestant) blood count came back completely fine. the paranoia and the scary body feelings you can get from over using for to long is certainly real though. learn to pace yourselves boys

Keif' Richards

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Aug 4, 2010
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A-PVP, A-PHP and other Pyrovalerones seem to be especially sinister substances. I never read anything truly "good" about them. Heroin on the other hand has created some of the best music of the 20th century.


Feb 18, 2016
In your mind
its funny how they seem (obviously no way to know for sure) but seem physically not that bad compared to 70% other stims but man they make you think your body is breaking down. I do have nerve pain and back damage on top of a cornucopia of mental illness so it could be that to. my recommendations for anyone using this. flaxseed oil or fish oil, mag, daily supplements and STAY AWAY FROM BENZOS. just ride the uncomfortable feelings out.