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6-APB vs 5-MAPB, along with other Q’s


Apr 17, 2015
Hey guys,

So after all my waiting and quite the relationship with the lovely 5-MAPB, I finally may get to try 6-APB. I’ve been waiting on this moment since the first benzo fury pills hit the market in 2010 or so.

Back then I was scared I’d buy something Bunk, then 5-MAPB hit and the reports on Erowid too good to pass up. My own experiences mirrored those glowing reports plus some I’d say, I can’t say enough good things about it so long as the right batch is procured.

I guess for those with experience in both, what should I be expecting? It sounds like a long lasting MDA, with proclivity for a nauseating/diarrhea comeup and the same in the days following. The duration gets me hard just thinking about it.

Which brings me to my next question, how is this drug for sex compared to MDMA, MDA, and 5-MAPB. My guess is better than them all..

And finally, any thoughts on combinations? I know I haven’t even tried it yet but just so I know for future experiences. How does this combine with the three previously mentioned empathogens?

My goal is that it would make an excellent adjunct drug to a mix of MDMA and 5-MAPB, in a low dose to help extend the overall experience. Right now I like a 20-30mg 5-MAPB, hour later 120mg MDMA, hour later 40mg MDMA.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I’ve gone through most of the big and dandys but 6-APB of 2020 might be a fair amount different to the batches around back then so I ask now :)


Buzz Lightbeer

Dec 1, 2018
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I haven't tried MDA sadly, but I'll give my thoughts on 6-APB.
With these new succinate batches about 130mg is a strong roll, and there might be quite a bit of visuals (not very interesting compared to most psychedelics). In fact, it has indeed some psychedelic aspects as most people say, but it only becomes really apparent on high doses.

Imo it's much less empathogenic than 5-MAPB, and more of a straight party drug. It has a great bodyhigh (feels more like a glow), enough energy but never too much and it lasts! It peaks for like 5 hours and slowly goes down for another 5 or so, sleep without the help of benzos will only be possible after at least 13 hours. It's definitely more clearheaded than 5-MAPB and MDMA too. I never found it to be overly euphoric though (but I never found MDMA en 5-MAPB particularly euphoric either), but you feel great, every decision you've made is great, and everything is perfect as is.
I've always taken it with the intent of partying for like 10 hours straight, and it's the best chem I've tried for that purpose.

I have no idea about combos, but I'd guess that a tryptamine as 4-HO-MET or 4-HO-MiPT would go great. I did combine with 5-APB once but 6-APB on it's own was much better. I don't know for sex either, my guess is that one would suffer from severe stim dick, pissing is nearly impossible, but cuddling would be great (when is it not...). I do think if you're gonna use it for a home cuddle session with your gf or something, and you're used to 5-MAPB, you might come out disappointed.

Sorry for this being all over the place, just random thoughts popping into my head about it. Oh, and I haven't noticed much of a mental hangover, but the day after you're gonna feel like a bus ran over your whole body.


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May 12, 2010
I actually found 6-APB to be far more sexual than MDMA and had no problems getting a stiffy and coming.. The body high is amazing, as is the duration. I always took 150mg and never felt the need for a redose. But the next day I would fiend for more and would invariably succumb to temptation if not on work. Then it became more of a straight stim and was a bit of a waste tbh.

When it was scheduled over here (after some daft bint decided to take all her clothes off and go late night shopping in Tesco - thus incurring the wrath of every Daily Mail reader in the country), the vendors had a sale and I managed to pick up 20 x 80mg pellets for a tenner. I was necking them daily until all gone. I fuckin now regret not buying more and actually saving some...


Nov 15, 2012
It depends on the quality of it of course

6apb succinate for me is quite pleasant at 70 to 90 mgs. Are you testing it?

Even then do a tester dose of a couple mgs to make sure no sides happen. Then once you have a good batch it can last a long time. It is more like mda only cleaner, definitely longer lasting, much more smoother than mdma, much less serotonin n release than. 5 mapb and at the doses mentioned no comedown at all for me. Do not mix it with anything, this is best taking alone. I've mixed it and regret it, and I've done it three times solo and it's a gem. 5 mapb has its place of course and use this solo starting at maybe 70 to 80 mgs and use it solo. I saw someone mentioned combining with a typatamine don't do this I combined 90 mgs with 15 mgs 4 ho mipt and the next week was so bad. I can not state enough this shines solo and start at a common dose . You ppl who are using three digit mgs must be using quite a bit during the year. As a rule two times a year is plenty on entacogen s. I bottomed out at four in 2017. The most surprising thing I've found is no sides the next day... In my experience 5 mapb, solo and in combo as the borax combo had sides...not that bad though if dosed right. Mdma of course sides next day. This baby comes up slow and smoothly with empathy, then after a few hours I thought it was gone untill I notice it was still going quite eye stuff esp if in a vehicle, and new lights. Less intense than mdma, less intense than 5 mapb solo, and more smoothly, and less intense than the borax combo which I find just about identical as mdma
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