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44 years polyabuser seeking some old friend.I lost my own older account and I am looking some persons EPL1 and shadowmeister. Just want to thank them.


Sep 29, 2019
They helped Big,starting my pursuit for healthy liva me prior.I JUST pisseds and down right cut them of ...I beleave my last post Was "This shit dont belong here.I am going to heavyones. for pain--------
IT FUCKED Whery bad.Now Waiting sentecne maybe couple years in prison.Took Allmost 15 times more precripts,But They found 4 other completely new shit....coke,h,benzo and top of it weed ....
So its allmost sure i will got year or two...because..I passsed out while driving .Crashed own 10000€ SUV to scarps.......make things worse another car ...you know me 100kmh in gas pedal....but so does she...crashed all moist point to point and Its me who got away about nothing....She weri not so...plust cars ver totalled.And know that Bitch wants me to go to prison....Well we will see it. fight till to last .wont like to snitch,not know,not knever.