4-HO-MiPT Effects and Ratings Survey Results

illuminati boy

Aug 18, 2005
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Attached should be a zipped file with 5 files in it that contain the data on 4-HO-MiPT gathered from the recent survey project on largely unresearched compounds.

General information about the survey project on largely unresearched compounds.

This project consisted of posting 28 surveys for about 60 days at 6 different internet discussion boards. 25 of the surveys received at least one response in that time. There were a total of 701 responses to all of the surveys with 5-MeO-DPT receiving the fewest responses (2) and 2C-I receiving the most (123). 11 surveys received 25 or more responses and probably give a somewhat reliable overview of the compounds in question.
There are 3 different types of surveys. The Phenethylamines, the Tryptamines, and the DOB-DFLY survey. The phenethylamine and tryptamine surveys are almost identically with 2 exceptions; the tryptamine surveys have an additional item labeled x01 and a freeform response at the end. The DOB-DFLY survey has numerous additional sections etc. due to it being a later addition. Despite these differences, each subsection should allow for apples to apples comparisons. The only real difference in the data might be a slightly higher skip rate on section 5 with regard to the phenethylamines, though looking at the actual data the difference appears to be minimal if any.

What was looked at across all surveys was 1. What people thought of the compound overall, 2. What people thought about the general pleasurableness of the compound, 3. What people thought about the general stimulant/sedative tendencies of the compound, 4. What people reported in the way of ‘primary effects,’ 5. What people reported in the way of ‘side effects,’ and 6. The number of times people reported taking a given compound.

For items 1, 2, & 3 a ‘score’ can be worked out.

For the overall rating one can either calculate the % of persons that consider the compound ‘worthwhile’ by adding the number of persons reporting ‘B,’ ‘A,’ and ‘A+’ and dividing by the total number of persons answering that item; or one can calculate an ‘average rating’ by giving a score of 6 to every ‘A+,’ 5 to every ‘A,’ 4 to every ‘B,’ 3 to every ‘C,’ 2 to every ‘D,’ 1 to every ‘E,’ and 0 to every ‘F’ (the results then divided by the number of total respondents).

For the overall pleasure direction one simply assigns a weighted score to the responses according to the value to the left (i.e. +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2, -3) and divides by the total number of responses. A net positive score indicates a compound that is reportedly more positive and a net negative score indicates a compound that is reportedly more negative. A score close to or at 0 indicates a compound that is not very particularly prone one way or another with regard to pleasurable experiences (it could have no discernable ‘push’ or it could be equally prone toward pleasurable or disconcerting experiences).

The overall energy direction is calculated much the same as the overall pleasure direction, with the difference being that the results will show the overall tendency of the compound toward stimulation or sedation. If the net score is positive it indicates a trend toward stimulation, if the net score is negative it indicates a trend toward sedation. If the score is close to or at 0 it indicates that a compound is not particularly prone toward one direction or the other (this could mean neither stimulation nor sedation or it could indicate that people are more or less equally prone to the experience of either).

Compound specific discussion.

4-HO-MiPT is an intriguing tryptamine compound. While their were not a huge number of responses to this survey, there were probably enough (27) to get a good feel for the character of this compound given how closely grouped many of the responses were in several different domains.

Looking at the data here, 100% of respondents considered the material ‘worthwhile’ (there were no respondents who skipped this question).

The overall average pleasure score is +1.74 or between ‘Pleasant / Mildly Elevated Mood’ and ‘Elated / Euphoric / Very Upbeat.’ While one individual assigned a score of ‘Neutral’ to the compound, all other respondents found 4-HO-MiPT to be at least somewhat pleasurable.

The respondents generally reported that this is a noticeably stimulating compound with a stimulation score of +1.15 or about equivalent to ‘Slightly Stimulating,’ though some did find the compound to be more ‘Neutral.’

17.4% of respondents reported ‘Extreme Open Eye Visuals’ and 26.1% of respondents reported ‘Extreme Closed Eye Visuals.’ 69.6% of respondents reported tactile enhancement and 60.9% of respondents reported synaesthesia.

The most commonly reported side-effect for this compound was nausea/upset stomach, with 25% of respondents noting it. 0% reported vomiting. 45% of respondents checked the ‘No Appreciable Side Effects Whatsoever’ item.

Like almost all other compounds surveyed, the most frequently reported number of uses was 2-5 times (40.9%). Uses reported ranged between 1 and 30 times.

There were the following freeform items:

“i found only 10mg (high end of threshhold dose according to erowid) to be fully psychedelic, and very euphoric. I had an extreme case of the giggles as well, and both the open and closed eye visuals were very present. the entire trip lasted approximately 5-6 hours.”

“dosages from 20 to 26mg orally can be quite stimulating during the intense come up which can be unsettling. lots of chills/electric tingling in the body which can be disturbing at times (no way to really relax) . Good therapeutic material to my opinion as it's pushy energy force you to forge ahead, this can be somewhat too much at time as it doesn't allow you to relax and have a rest but it can also be seen as a positive effect as it doesn't allow you to take refuge in indecision or overthinking, which can be somewhat therapeutic if you have things to settle in your mind. Anyway it's short lived (4 to 5 hours) so even if can be a bit too pushy at times, it's still manageable. Still to be taken at the right place with the right person as it's a really strong psychedelic and there can be quite some confusion/depersonalisation at times so better have people watching on you to my opinion.”

“Full field immersive open eye visuals, sense and appreciation of the absolute beauty that surrounds.”

“Feeling & seeing an angel come from heavenly clouds and reach toward me. One of the very few compounds that can -consistently- produce ego loss and entheogenic experiences.”


“I have found doses that exceed 20mg to always produce an extremely intense, although still positive, out-of-body trip/blending with surroundings. Very predictable trip based on dosage for me.”

“On one of our four experiences with this material, my wife and I had a telepathic connection. We discovered it by chance and did a test with Psi-cards (with a prediction accuracy of 67% for my wife and 55% for me). Unfortunately we were never able to reproduce this effect!”

“Taken it twice, at 13mg and 15mg. At 15mg, I felt like I could not catch my breath, which was somewhat uncomfortable.”