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3-Fluoro-PCP: A gram in retrospect


Apr 18, 2014
3-Fluoro-PCP: A gram in retrospect


I have a rather high tolerance to dissociatives. I have at times in the past been a functional daily user of MXE and the various 3-MeO- and 3-HO-PCx variants. Functional doses of MXE were up to 50mg at the very start of the day with 20-50mg boosters periodically throughout the day, with hole doses upwards of 200mg plugged on a semi-weekly basis. Functional doses of 3-MeO-PCP were upwards of 30mg spread throughout the day. I want to stress that when I say these were functional doses for me, I mean to say that these were doses I was able to go to work and go about my day without detection. I also have several years worth of experience with various psychedelic lysergamides, tryptamines, and phenethylamines.

General experience with 3-Fluoro-PCP:

About two weeks ago I came into possession of a gram each of 3-Fluoro-PCP. The material came in the form of small opaque white crystal chunks similar in appearance and texture to rock candy. Another user mentioned a smell reminiscent of permanent marker, which I agree with. The material was described by other users as caustic, but I found it to be less so than 2C-B for comparison. It had a bitter, slightly sour chemical flavor that tends to leave the lips or tongue feeling slightly numb after coming into contact with it. I did not notice any lingering nausea or toxic feeling that another early user described, nor did I experience anything more than a mild discomfort lasting no longer than 10 minutes upon my a snorted trial, although my preferred ROA has been oral.

Taken orally, first alerts are generally felt within 15 minutes or so without any physical or mental discomfort. There is a general visual brightening with hints of neon pink and green visual disturbances just under the periphery. Slight motor and balance impairment is accompanied by a faint tactile buzzing on the skin. I have found the experience to be pleasantly pro-sexual. There is a calm, detached feeling of contentment and general well-being. At mild to moderate doses, the experience gradually and comfortably intensifes up to around the two hour mark before passing somewhat unremarkably and without any particularly compelling urge to redose and tapering off over the next hour or two.

At higher doses, for me this is somewhere in the 100mg neighborhood, there seems to come a plateau around the two hour mark that persists for an hour or two that is often accompanied by intense feelings of the most absurd and slightly unsettling joy. It is a difficult feeling to describe, but I will do my best. First let me try to give you an accurate picture of my typical demeanor. I am nearly 40 years old, frequent sufferer of depression, quiet, stoic, keep to myself, dark and morbid with I guess you could say some goth-like sensibilities. On no less than three occasions in the last two weeks, I have been absolutely overwhelmed, grinning, bristling with positive energy, barely contained laughter, for no discernible reason. Literally just overcome with a general sense of well-being so profound that I feel almost compelled beyond my will to scream it out to the world. I am reminded of Soma from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. I maybe attribute my relative level-headedness about it to my extensive experience with high dose hallucinogenic experiences, but I think to myself something along the lines of, "I know this is absurd, but I have to share this experience with someone else. I know that they will think I am batshit off my fucking rocker insane, but they'll have to listen when they see how exuberantly enthusiastically mind-numbingly fucking gleeful I am right now." And it takes every ounce of my willpower to restrain myself. "Pull it together, u/draftcrunk, just hold this shit in for a couple of hours until you come back down to baseline and can think about this a little more rationally." Meanwhile I am in the shower, alone, by myself, grinning like a fucking maniac, literally just hopping in place bristling with sheer enthusiasm like an absolute fucking mental patient. And meanwhile the whole psychedelic thought recursion thing is going on, and if you've been there before you know that when you get into these thought loops it is so easy to spiral out and go down, down, down into some really dark fucking places.

But there is none of that. It is unsettling in a way that you feel like you are just barely holding onto your self control, but it isn't unsettling in that horrifying, crushing way you're accustomed to with these out of control psychedelic or dissociative experiences. It is just heightening, recursive, hilarity at the fucking absurdity of it. I am practically biting my lip to hold in the laughter at how stupid good this feels, and it just makes me even happier that I have found this substance that makes me feel this good, and now that I'm even happier it's even harder to hold in the laughter and the joy, and the fact that I can barely contain this feelings makes it feel so wrong to keep this in, I have to share this with someone, anyone, but that's fucking insane, I can't just run around screaming to random strangers that this is the most amazing fucking feeling ever, and I'm literally just bursting with bliss and the absurdity of it all, and these thoughts are just looping and building I can't fucking contain it like one big psychic orgasm ...

And in a sense it is sort of like a masturbatory orgasm that way. Kind of hollow. There is no sense of touching something spiritual or other-worldly or alien about it like your typical hallucinogenic experience. In that way it is sort of grounded in this physical experience, like an effervescent bubbling within your core that spreads out along every pore of your being. But unlike that hollow, soul-sucking orgasm at the end of a two hour jerk session at the tail end of a stimulant binge, when this psychic orgasm finally busts, yeah you're left feeling a little bit dumber but that calm, detached feeling of well-being from the very beginning of the experience still lingers around.

Anyway, it's a lot to process. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I should probably add that these particular high dose experiences have also been in combination with small doses of 3-HO-PCE, but I have to attribute the bulk of the experience to the 3-F-PCP. It doesn't have that same magic that MXE did that made you feel in tune with everything. I'm sure there is a darker side to it as well. I could definitely see a less experienced user doing something stupid like trying to fly off the roof of their building on it, or someone with a predilection for self harm gleefully cutting theirself to pieces. So for fuck's sake, please do take this somewhat glowing report with a giant grain of salt.


I am shit at vaping things, and I don't have the knowledge to speculate what if any additional risks there may be, but my gut feeling is that the character of this substance would be well-suited to vaping like disso-crack.

Anonymous Dissident

Mar 27, 2017
That sounds remarkably similar to my experiences with 3-meo-pcp. The manic, hysterical, yet functional headspace you describe is exactly what I found 3-meo-pcp to be like at moderate, but not incapacitating doses.