[13] Surviving Large Outdoor Events by Phase_dancer


Jul 23, 2004
Good thread. I wish I read this before my first festival.

One more bit I'd like to throw out there is make friends with your neighbors if you are camping. Like as soon as you set up camp, go talk to everyone camping around you. When I was at bonnaroo in 2004 one of my camping neighbors had all their shit stolen when they were off watching a band play. Something like this can seriously ruin your weekend, so make friends with everyone around your camp site. Tell them you'll look out for their stuff if they look out for yours. It's kinda like a festival neighborhood watch.

I would have been fucked is my shit got stolen, I came to bonnarroo with everything I needed on my back. So if my shit got stolen it would have been a horrible experience. And unfortunately some people view festivals as a time to boost new camping supplies.
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haha and this was mentioned in the OP's post too....oh well i'm leaving it.
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