Cocaine 10 years sober, re-using cocaine


Jun 3, 2007
Hung out with a friend tonight who used to have a drug problem. Has started using cocaine within the last month. Was blowing lines tonight despite two non users being the only people present, just hanging out drinking beers.

Very surprising since the guy has never done anything drug wise despite regularly being around weed and occasionally being around coke/E over the last 10 years

Story is he had a chance encounter with an old friend, who is now a drug dealer. bought 1/4 oz of coke on a whim.

Not sure I would say he was an addict, but guy had issues regarding drugs back in the day and has done nothing but alcohol since. Steadfastly would not do any drugs for a long period of time, about 10 years. Now has randomly started doing coke.

Suggestions? Guy says he will not buy any more and did it because of a hot girl he did/wanted to bang. However the guy has like 1/4 oz of coke at this point. Not like its a 1 night deal when you got that amount.


Oct 12, 2016
Btw my bulls*** meter detector is off the charts.

Noone buys a quarter ounce of cocaine on a whim to bang a girl. Ask yourself does this statement even make logical sense or are you just saying something

For example
A. I want to bang this girl.
B. Therefore, I need to eat this Hamsandwich
C. I had that ham sandwich to have sex with that girl.
D. I had sex with that girl therefore, the Hamsandwich worked.

The reality is your brain both wanted to have sex and have cocaine. Both cocaine and sex have possible long term life changing consequences and only by rationally saying the risk reward can you make a fair evaluation of the choices and to do them again or in what manner.


Jun 4, 2015
I used to buy a 1/4 oz on the regular. If this guy is an old Coke head that may have just been his habit back in the day.

To the OP it's his life and if he want to snort some coke there isn't anything you can do about. Just cross your fingers that it doesn't become a problem or kill him and make sure he knows where you stand on him using again. That's about all you can do.