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Heroin 1 Average "Stamp" of East Coast powder Equals ? mg of Oxy?

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Oct 22, 2007
Hi all
I am well aware that trying to state an equivalent dose of street heroin is very difficult because of all the variables (quality of dope, size of bag, etc.), however I would appreciate some ballpark figures here.

Lets assume you have a good quality average sized "stamp" bag of NJ/NYC brown powder, what would a ballpark equivalent of oxy be? On average would an OC80 be more potent, less potent or about equal to a stamp of good quality east coast powder (assume both the dope and oxy would be snorted).

The reason I am asking is I have several friends who want to try to snort dope and they have all done oxy, but never dope. I on the other hand, have done dope, but believe it or not have never tried oxy.

I am also well aware that of course my friends shoult start with a tiny amount and continue to take very small bumps until they get where they want. I will make sure they do this, but I really would like a ballpark starting point so I have some idea what amount they should be aiming for.

So again, for example, would an OC80 be stronger, weaker, or about the same as an average sized "stamp" bag of good quality NJ/NYC powder. Thanks-DG


Nov 20, 2003
The fire or really good bags can be somewhere around 80mg of OC, even tipping the scales at 100mg... they sometimes cost more or are cut with fent. The crappier bags can be as little as 20mg. On average you can get anything between 40 - 60mg. If you head into Jersey, you can find them all cheaper and of higher quality. Be careful.


Aug 15, 2006
It varies considerably, to the point of any number you get being no better than a total guess... That's why I'll have to close this.

That said, funkee's range is a pretty good representation but you have to remember it is totally varied.

All you can do is start with a portion of the bag and move up from there to a good level (or vice versa to find the amount of oxy). Snorting will probably be the best way to test because you'll have a bit more margin for error than if you just used it IV.
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