[08] Manic Depression in Pill Form: Warning against excessive use of MDMA - Anonymous


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Aug 20, 2003
^^^ As a rule, I tend to plan for the worst. That is to say, I don't roll if I have any plans in the following two days that require me to be my best self, and that I absolutely can't cancel.

I always TRY to find good pills and find some K to take the edge off the comedown. But there is always a possibility that I'll end up with shitty pills (and/or shitty K), or won't be able to find any K.

Pimp Lazy, maybe I don't have my finger on the pulse, but I haven't found Pill Reports all that helpful for determining whether or not I'll have a smooth roll or a rough one. It's a very good site for knowing which pills have had a tendency to be dangerous, therefore which ones to stay away from. But I've located pills that the site's users have all rated positively, and ended up giving them very mixed reviews. I can't help but wonder if scam artists who make bullshit or watered down pills don't read Pill Reports in order to know what brands to copy next.


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Jul 2, 2008
my advice would be to accept that the reason mdma can give deppresion is that thee body doesn't want anything to have to do with it and the bad part of you is being selfish for an easy way to feel good.

"the universe has a way of balancing itself out"


Aug 29, 2010
I feel like this came from my own mind. Great post. USE, do not ABUSE! It's a wonderful thing when you respect it.


Dec 8, 2010
My advice ..watch a movie called , A Scanner Darkly. It briefly touches upon the subject of split brain phenomenon , which is pretty much what causes bi-polar disorder. What happens is that the connecting tissue in your brain that connects the left and right hemisphere of your brain becomes detached ( from corrosion)by high doses , or frequent use of drugs such as MDMA , crack, ice. and ect. With two competing hemispheres it becomes harder to make decisions, compute problems ect. For example, one side of your brain has a question, and the other side has an answer, but you cannot solve it , because the two can not be put together, because of the lacking connective tissue.
Now , having said that , I cannot understand why doctors prescribe medicine which not only does not address that, but causes this layer of tissue to deteriorate further. The only way this tissue will grow back is by being off substances that cause this completely and for a very long time. It takes several years for this tissue to come back , if it grows back at all.