[03] Fools Gold by Anonymous


Bluelight Crew
Dec 23, 2004
This is a really beautiful piece of writing here. I definitely wholeheartedly agree with this. The mind is such a powerful thing. It's way stronger than any drug could ever be. It can take you to depths you could never imagine.

On a related note, Another thing that I've always believed is that with the help of ecstasy I realized just how deep the human connection can really go. I've had many best friends in my lifetime, and I consider myself a pretty intimate person with some, meaning I like to share things about myself and get to know others on a very personal level. But... not until after I tried ecstasy did I realize... It can go SO much deeper than that. There are times when I rolled with some of my best friends that I realized just how much I -really- loved them, not just like the warm glowy ecstasy love, but like soul shattering love, the kind of love that I wouldn't hesitate to take a bullet for them. Now I don't really roll anymore... or at least I haven't in a few years, but that understanding of how deep the human connection can go has stuck with me. The connection with those very few people (definitely not -every- person i've done ecstasy with) is so deep and has remained that way over all these years. I do believe that once you have felt what that connection feels like, you can replicate it again with another person without the use of ecstasy. It's all about experiencing what your mind can actually do, and then taking yourself back to that place again. Drugs are definitely a tool for that.