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Megathread 🎥 Post a Random VIDEO


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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains

I wanted to find the last episode of Midnight Gospel on Youtube but couldn't, but the above is some audio that got put it in from his postcast. You guys should watch "Midnight Gospel". The creator Duncan Trussell (the Adventure Time creator) does a podcast, and he took audio from some of his podcasts and animated a show around them, each episode is an in-depth and fascinating discussion about various aspects of life. They're all good, but the final episode (only one season) is profoundly beautiful, it's an interview he did with his dying mom, all about all aspects of life and death, and she had a;lready died when he animated the episode to the audio from the podcast. Watching that episode is in the top 10 most profound experiences I've ever had as a human, I think. 10/10 would recommend. It's on Netflix.