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Thread: Spironolactone and Cocaine

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    Spironolactone and Cocaine

    Hi, I?m a transgender woman who is taking 50mg of Spironolactone twice per day to block testosterone along with doing subcutaneous estrogen injections weekly.

    Last night I did cocaine (a few lines, maybe three or four?) while I was drinking. Today I?ve been scared to take the spiro since I know it technically is a heart medication. I can?t find any specific answers about drug interactions online, but maybe you all would have some general knowledge about whether it would be dangerous to take the spiro tonight?

    I did the cocaine between 3am and 6am, and it?s now 9pm. I skipped the first dose of spiro today because I was too scared, but am I safe to take the second dose of spiro in a little while?

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    I'm not familiar with spiro but usually messing with your heart while taking cocaine is a very bad combo.

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