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Thread: Storing DMT long term in liquid form

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    Storing DMT long term in liquid form


    I would like to know a good method of storing nn-DMT long term in liquid form.
    Ideally just straight nn-DMT crystals dissolved in something or alternatively DMT fumarate could be made and that dissolved.
    So the solvent or alcohol its dissolved in should not degrade the DMT.

    What do you think about the following?...

    a large quantity of Heptane (so it dissolves at room temperature large amount would prevent precipitation at room temp I believe)


    Peg400 or PG or VG

    Iso rubbing alcohol



    I don't know much about chemistry but understand most of these contain oxygen atoms.. thats bad?

    Thank you

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    DMT dissolves in vm&p naptha, and will freeze precipitate if the solution is saturated. Not sure about long term storage, but it will probably be ok if kept cool and dark. Google recrystalizing DMT.

    Why not just keep the crystals in the freezer?

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    Why' you wanna store it as liquid? And how much?

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