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Thread: Edible dosage for 1st timer?

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    Edible dosage for 1st timer?

    So im getting a 'space' brownie this week. A friend of mine buys one for me in a coffeeshop that is known for their edibles here in the NL

    The contents of it is 0.8 gram. I have zero tolerance since i did not use any THC in at least 15 years.

    What i want to know is what the dosage should be to take on an empty stomach.

    My idea is to cut the brownie in 8 equal pieces and perhaps take 1/8 to start with. Perhaps less, wait an hour and re-dose?
    I dont want to have the chance of anything negative.

    Anyone can say something about this hopefully?

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    Let’s say the weed used to make the brownie was 20% THC. 0.8 g would give 160 mg into your brownie.

    Divided into 8 pieces is ~20 mg per piece.

    Recommended dose for a beginner is 10 mg. You should be okay at 20 mg. Even if the weed used to make the brownie was, say 30%THC you’d only be getting 30 mg, which shouldn’t be overpowering.

    After a few hours you’ll get a feel for how 1/ piece goes.

    If 1/8 piece is underwhelming, adjust upwards.


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    The problem is not knowing how strong the weed used to make it was. That's why I always have trouble with edibles. They're really unpredictable. Personally though I would do 1/4 of the brownie. I would rather have too much happen than nothing at all and feel like I'm wasting it.

    My best advice is to just be ok with the possibility of it hitting you harder than you had intended and be willing to take the ride. if you're afraid of it or try to fight the high it'll only make it worse and you'll have a terrible time. Just let yourself go where ever the high wants to take you and don't try to control it or overthink it.

    either way, you'll be ok. Just pop in a small piece and have fun

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