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Thread: Speedball doses

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    Speedball doses

    Hi, so I have shot heroin in the past. Right now my tolerance is in the middle, was doing subs for quite a while but I will start small.

    I've never shot cocaine, so I'm wondering what is a general ratio to go by?

    In my head it seems to make sense I would use a 2 to 1 ratio. So .1 of cocaine and .05 of heroin? Should I try and draw one before the other, or shake it so its all mixed through together? Also I only have 25 gauge needles to work with, but that's not an issue for me


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    anyone? please

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    Sounds ok. Just use a bit less of each than you normally would. Of course you've never shot coke, and neither have I, so you'll need someone to advise further. The doses sound ok to me tho. Try one that's obviously weak and you can always do a bigger one. Start big and you'll be dead, so you won't. Please be careful, speedballs are dangerous, as you well know.

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