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Thread: Subs - Surgery - Pain meds (He wants to be clean)

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    Subs - Surgery - Pain meds (He wants to be clean)


    My friend who is 34 years of age has been diagnosed with Chrones, Ulcerative Colitis, Lupis, and RA since 2010. Since then he has been on pain meds of different types. He then went and got on suboxone. Till 2015 when he had a horrible Chrones flair. At that time he was placed onto 45 mg oxycodone every 3 hours while on a dilaudid drop for 2 months in the hospital. On leave from the hospital for a year he was on 45 mg oxycodone every 3 hours and 4 mg Dilaudid. In 2016 He said enough was enough and went to the VA to get help. The answer was back to suboxone. This week my friend has suffered Appendicitis and had successful surgery. They placed him on 2/ 5mg oxycodone every 6 hours. 5 days later he is out of pain meds and is scared to go back to suboxone. He feels his brain and will power are pushing him to go back to something. How can he just get off it all? No more Subs no more pain meds. I myself feel that the pills may have masked the suboxone withdraw but, will feel some discomfort being only 5 days off subs. Though the first 2 days of it are done will he have any worse effects. If there is no new hard times with withdraw that he hasnt experienced yet can he just cold turkey the rest of the time without feeling worse than not having anything at this point? Any help. BTW The amounts are below of the following.

    2010-2014 - 380 perc 15mg every 3 weeks (VA PRESCRIBED)
    2014-2015 - 8 mg Suboxone
    2015-2016 - 45 mg oxycodone / 4 mg dilaudid
    2017- 5 days ago - 18 mg Suboxone
    5 days ago - 10 mg oxycodone 4x a day


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    Welcome. We know it's you, so cut the my friend stuff (unless your a mind reader, 3rd person omnipotence)

    Your post is a little unclear and it's early, hopefully someone else will hime in. When is the last time you used any opioid of any kind and what was it? It appears your mixing bupe with other opioids, a big no - no.

    Just fron what I do understand, I would take mcg doses, very small, of bupe for a couple of days before going cokd turkey. You would be surprised what 1mg or even less can accomplish

    Hope this helps (and goes through)

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    Have you tried cannabis?

    Crohn's is a painful life-long condition that is going to keep causing you pain, you're not gonna make it without something. I suffer from it as well and I find cannabis is the only thing that helps at all besides opiates.

    Do you have access to or can you get medical cannabis? Smoking isn't going to be enough. I find "Rick Simpson Oil" is quite helpful (aka FECO). It's an oil that you take orally, it's very helpful for pain, nausea, and more.

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    LOL its that obvious?

    So my wife works at a suboxone clinic and her doctor helped me. The magic number for me was 12 hours but I waited 16 hours. I actually was on the 18 mg and now am on 12 and feel great. We started low at 2 mg and moved up till my BP rate was good and I wasnt feeling anxious. I can say with certain that it was probably mostly mental. I know it plays a big problem with my will power. Our plan is to stop the suboxone slowly within this year so that I can finally be done with this problem. i appreciate your message back and help! (Also I said my friend so that I wouldnt violate any rules. I have seen people use that type of start on forums and wasnt really trying to hide anything. I appologize if it seemed like I was.)

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    OMG So I have tried Cannibis. My problem isnt that it doesnt work. The problem is in High school I smoke with no issue then as I got older and had some money I would buy better stuff and I was too high. I didnt take pills to get high to the point of thowing up. It now makes me so paranoid. I have heard great things about CBD oils and was wondering maybe you would know if it would help with the RA and Lupis. I seen research about pot making your Chrones and UC a lot better as in the flairs are pretty much ratified.

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