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    Just a recap on tonight and general.. 
    So for the last 3 month I have been fairly clean on most pharm drugs and street drugs the last few month. But now the last few days or w3eks I have been dabling in benzos and opiates and boozes.. Anyway. Tonight or throughout I have had roughly the following: 3mg alzamz, 6mg bromazepam, weed and some booze but nothing hectic on the booze side maybe like 2 beers.. The opiates I stopped at 4pm and its 10:34pm now.. The benzos was alzso spread out through the course of the day. As I'm sitting typing this I'm feeling very sober and fine. So I'm considering to drop either 2mg alzams with a J or 6mg with a J for a good nights rest as I know the opiates is out my system now. So if anyone wants to drop some info or advice I would really appreciate it.

    Any other questions or input would be more then welcome.

    Much love and good times..

    Side note: hope this is the right thread.

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    Hi Coffeeshroom, welcome to Bluelight. As I'm sure you're aware; opiates, benzos and booze are the unholy trinity and should not be mixed. Therefore we can't possibly advise you whether you should take more. 'What should I take?' questions are prohibited under the Bluelight user agreement so don't be surprised if this thread is soon closed.

    Only you know your level of tolerance to these substances, but if you must take something else then just have a spliff - it's the safest option.

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    Well I have a high decent tolerance to the above said substances.. So I'm no new by but I have taken a break from benzos and opiates for the last few weeks. I have been taken benzo on and of the last few weeks and still having the odd beer here and there its just opiates I have actually staying away from. Last I actually have a good time just having a 1mg alzam and waiting an 1hr and then taking 12mg bromo that did put me in a nice daze so to sleep and a good nights sleep, so just wondering seeing as I was off all form of opiates/opiods the last 2 months if my current slefmed is still on the safe side, so to speak... If this gets blocked then I guess I got my answer.

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffeeshroom View Post
    ... so just wondering seeing as I was off all form of opiates/opiods the last 2 months if my current slefmed is still on the safe side, so to speak...
    Reiterating the most obvious: Dangerous combo.
    I read tapering a couple times through the thread but what is the end game (so to speak)?
    From first-hand experience of the same cocktail I almost lost my life a couple time, no less than 6 people have passed within 20-25 feet from me and there has also been some that got it under control somehow and are doing relatively well. Soooooo... I get you may know all the dangers but this also brings the knowledge of the possible outcomes. Hopefully your omeds are not fent laced and one wont have to worrk about an accidental OD.
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    I would end it all before i could or would be able to get that
    mindblown, i am certain that i would'nt make it that well.

    I could exist on a dump truck full of opiates and always each and every day of my life know how to safely take it as needed and always take it as prescribed,
    well not always but i have learned my lesson to be careful to do the research.

    A spliff always works until another poison is required.
    I mean in my honesty I have always felt that
    weed is the most natural thing around since lol. . . men jk

    You really shouldn't take to much of anything
    Too much of anything and apparently everything is Bad !

    hang in there . .

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    Okay if I have to split it up from when I woke till present this was my day,

    0800 I had 1mg alzam
    1300 I chase the dragon for a few hours having my last hit at 1600
    From there on I had a two beers and an hourly roughly had .5alzam and 30 min odd 3mg bromo.
    Relax for a few hrs and had a blunt. By 1800ish I had another .5mg alzam. A few hours later I had another .5mg and chilled till about a few hrs ago that I had another 3mg bromo. Then a few hours later I had another beer and now I'm chilling.. But I'm still wide awake and not fe3ling like I had anything. I'm feeling a little tired but more that toss and turning tired then comfy. So I'm thinking of having either another bromo or xanny. No more achohol.. Im not a novice to any of the compompounds, just wondering why they having such a little effect against me or is it all in the mind.

    Backgrounds story I have been on benzos and opiates my whole for various medical reason.. So I'm not new to it. Just weird that I'm still wide awake, or is it maybe because everything was so spread nout through the day, what do you guys think?

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    the beer probably helped with
    a temporary detox and flushed
    the system.
    so it sounds all good so far,
    at least it was a good day.

    take care. forgive yourself
    and enjoy the mix !!!

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    Well it is 12:55am the next day. So I'm gonna have another 6mg bromo and hope to have just a nice peaceful nights sleep.

    Thanks for all the feedback and input.. All the best to my fellow bluelighters.

    Much love and respect..


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    Well, this seems to have run its course now so I'm closing it down.

    Stay safe...
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    Thanks FUBAR. It's appreciated man.

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