Thread: Diuretic Effects of MDMA and Others

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    Diuretic Effects of MDMA and Others 
    I don't chug a ton of water but i drink a reasonable amount to remain safe. But with this compound and others in the past

    4 ho mipt / 5 meo 5/6 apb 2cb-fly amt i always feel like i am peeing more than i am taking in ... like once every 30 min if not

    more.... anyone else relate.... i know the body working overtime when indulging but for me it seems excessive.... granted i urinate a

    lot in general....but its annoying... any natural remedies???? no i don't have diabetes or anything all my numbers are in normal

    range. thoughts????
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    MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs
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    How much MDMA do you generally take? I've only noticed a seriously diuretic effect on (too) high doses but I can imagine some people are more susceptible. In any case I think any remedy that stops you from peeing as much as your body wants or needs to, does not appear to me to be all that healthy. I can imagine it's annoying but I would not try to remedy it, there is a reason your body is excreting more urine than average. It could be that you simply have a small bladder, like me, but it could also be that your body has a need to excrete more urine during a roll for some other reason, in which case you should let it I think
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    I also urinate a LOT during a roll and also after it (well, I guess often it's a bit vague what is during and what is after...). But then again, I've never seen it as a bad thing. In fact I find it quite enjoyable for reasons that are probably obvious? Same reasons why sex is great It's also a nice change of room and maybe a change of pace, clear my mind a bit and maybe talk with someone else along the way. Only negative thing I could possibly see would be if you're in a place with long queues to toilet (even men's) but that's almost never the kind of setting where I roll.
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    Yeah but isn't MDMA allegedly NOT diuretic? While I only rolled once and don't have hands-on experience with thing, I too urinated a lot just like when I overload on coffee, this despite not drinking much water (<1 liter) as I was in a cool place and definitely not overheating; there was no mydriasis either. I'm wondering what this suggests about the quality of MDMA available today and if it might be an indication that adulterants, caffeine-like perhaps, are being deliberately added by the chemists.
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