Thread: Meth (oral) - Experienced - "The Fizz" (Alka Seltzer and meth) (overdose)

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    Meth (oral) - Experienced - "The Fizz" (Alka Seltzer and meth) (overdose) 
    So one day I'm at my house some guy I barley know comes and hangs out for awhile asks if I want to do a Fizzy. (mixing 1 shot of water, 1 full Alka Seltzer, and some Meth.) I said sure just put .1 in it because I don't want to over do it. This guy puts about a gram and .5 in my water while I was not looking. I asked him if it was a .1 and he said yes. After 30 minutes a huge body high rushes me from head to toe. I start moaning and getting horny. Imediatly I knew i had to sit down. My eyes start darting back and forth. Litterally both of my eyes are shaking about 20xs per second. Long story short. Everyone's faces were distorted. I couldnt control my eyes. Would not in and out of consciousness. And after 3 hours I became a human vibrator and was overdosing. Ambulance came I did the hospital thing. The same day I get released and then I start freaking out didn't know where I was could barely walk. Didn't have memory like normal. Stayed up for 5 days. And 3 of those days I would look at the walls and they would bubble up and move. I saw lazor lights everywhere thinking someone was trying to shoot me. Saw a couple of angels. Then I went to take a bath and the water was coming out in different shades of blues yellows and greens. The walls were colorful. The ceiling was colorful everything colorful. I heard voices and swore my Aunt was there with me and came to see me (she lives many states away). I have never done acid before but when I tell people they said that it sounds like a really long really bad and strong acid trip lasting 3 days.

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    Damn son,u lucky to be alive. That's quite a lot .and mixed with alka-seltzer which makes it last longer.
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    Damn you need to quit associating with people who would slip an overdose of meth on you secretly. So fucked up...

    I edited the thread title a bit to conform to guidelines and make it more descriptive.
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    Try to be more selective of your associates.
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    I hear you on the human vibrator thing. Exact same thing happened to me when I drank too much meth. I was on bluelight sitting on my bed and my legs would literally toss my laptop in the air, I couldn't walk and could barley talk.

    Your experience seems a lot more intense, though. And a lot longer lasting. I'd definitely cop bags from that kid, even though he sounds like a piece of shit.
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