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    Fentanyl Patch 
    Any advice for this thing? Im trying it (day three) to replace my current opioid pain medication.

    It is 12.5 mcg per hour

    And I use it for neuropathy due to nerve damage

    Any advice on how to make it stronger? Give me more energy because this thing doesn't induce a high, as much as make me lethargic and sluggish.

    And if you take it off to put close to a pain source, the stickiness is gone forever so help on that
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    Hello, the fentanyl will not induce much energy or euphoria, only what you described, is a very sedating and cold high. Really not worth it for recreational uses, you can always try it orally by placing it near-by your cheeks and all, but as I remember the 12.5 patch would be like 2.1 mg or so which is a huge dose.

    I IV'ed and took orally the 12.5mcg one and 25mcg ones too ( Even then I divided the patch by cutting it in at least 8 pieces ) but OD'ed with it several times and when I did not it was not what I would call pleasant and warm as other opiates. Just stick to it transdermally for pain management, if it does not work for pain request the 25mcg but again just apply it to the skin as close you can to the heart.

    I had experience with Durogesic matrix patches not the ones with gell so that's the only thing I can tell you about.
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