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Thread: making wax with the alcohol extraction method

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    making wax with the alcohol extraction method

    I'm making wax with leftover shake. Would Jim Beam be viable for the extraction or should I buy everclear?

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    Use isopropyl alcohol. Way cheaper.

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    Everclear or lab grade ETOH that only has water as impurity. It might be a good idea to do an isopropyl extract as mentioned, but if you have pure ETOH you can probably clean up the end product. Follow the steps below once you get the first extraction done to get the raw vs purified hash... These steps aren't necessary, but could lead to an amazing product.

    Dissolve as much of the wax in as small amount of heated alcohol (use a closed Mason jar sitting in hot water for a little bit to achieve this... No open container, sparks, or open flames or you'll risk a fire)

    Put the alcohol in the freezer for a while and stuff should crash out and form on the bottom you don't need in your end product

    Filter the alcohol through a coffee filter and collect in evaporation tray.

    The end product should have let waxs and water soluble stuff you don't need without losing the terpenes and flavor.

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