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Thread: What to expect from subutex + Hydroxyzine IV

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    What to expect from subutex + Hydroxyzine IV

    user usually bangs up to 2mg subutex daily via micron wheel. has a 10mg hydroxyzine antihistamine and was wondering if anyone has any insight on what to expect. was considering a one time solution of .5sub/2.5hydrox. any thoughts?

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    Do not IV hydroxyzine! It's dangerous and not meant to be IVd. It can be IMd from liquid vials but not IVd.

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    I'm you asked about that hydroxyzine. When injected intravenously it causes hemolysis - blood cells rupture. Anyway, i once did a shot of bupe (probably around 2mgs) and hydroxyzine (100mg injectable form from vial) and honestly it wasn't much different from bupe. And I don't have any buzz from it, just keeps withdrawals at bay. I got a bit of sedation for sure, but it wasn't that enjoyable feeling that you get from opioids or benzos. Overall I wouldn't shoot it - it's too much of a hassle to prepare an IM ready solution, and effects are close to none.

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    appreciated. Not interested in hemolysis.

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    As others have said, i.v. hydroxyzine causes phlebitis and hemolysis. Don't do it

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