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Thread: Friend went to prison and took a hefty amount of morphine in his system

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    Friend went to prison and took a hefty amount of morphine in his system

    Upon arrival we told the cops that he is an addict and need to see a doc but they say no doc is available within a week or so. Will he be able to get an emergency doctor or a nurse to help him cover his addiction because he is somewhere around min. 250 mg of morphine (sorry not methadone). If he doesn't get sub/meth his withdrawal will be traumatic. Do they cover these things in jails?
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    If in the U.S. most likely no. They will not treat opioid withdrawals to any significant extent, in fact many facilities seem to get a sick kind of joy watching opioid and increasingly benzo dependent detainees suffer. Motherfuckers.

    If he's in an MMT program there's a slight chance the clinic would dose him at the facility but that's rather rare.

    This is a very unfortunate reality of incarceration in the U.S. If a clinic is involved call them.

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    Sorry, but we can't help you with that as this is pretty much a legal question:
    If you have legal questions about filling scripts or drug laws of certain countries, we can't help you. These laws vary widely from place to pace, making it next to impossible for us to give you an accurate or valuable answer. Seek legal counsel instead of making a thread.
    I'll close this thread for now, PM me or any other OD mod if you want the thread to be re-opened

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