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    Hello Hello 
    Long time lurking. First time poster. Here for info and harm reduction. I'm a black 26 year old in grad school with bad habits. Feel free to talk to me.
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    Hi Madameshay. You'll fit it fine here as a lot of us have bad habits. I'm old (in my 80's) but someone younger will come around shortly

    Welcome to Bluelight!
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    New to Bluelight membership, but long-time advocate of this website. Interested in becoming member of community.
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    Welcome! You indeed are at the house of heathen's filled with bad habits.
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    Hello new friends... I?m also new to the site... finally took the time to register, no coincidence with the timing either. I?ve been clean from my drug of choice (heroin).. but do smoke the hard stuff every couple months (nobody knows)., and tonight is one of those secret unwind nights. Anyway I?m glad to meet the other new members!! Where are you from?
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    Also... how do I post a profile pic??
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    Wow, what a great collection of new members!

    Welcome madameshay, happyhawk, and FreedomMyWay!

    We all have our crutches, and are a very diverse group in regards to age, location and our roles in society. But know we are, by and large, a non-judgmental community, with much much more than just drug discussion.

    FreedomMyWay: I suggest you check out and post where you're from Maybe the others here can join in!

    And for the avatar, go to "settings" in the upper right corner of this page, then "edit avatar" will be on the left.

    Hope to see you all around!
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