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    Tonight on Bluelight 
    Tonight on Bluelight
    I look with poor eyesight
    At a screen with a website
    That shares its own insight
    On what's right and what's shite
    So I guess that I might
    Share what I might rewrite
    That I'm weird and polite
    5 foot 6 inches in height
    My bark is way worse than my weak bite
    I don't have many friends but I'm tight
    I'm ending this crap poem despite
    My OCD thinking which ignites
    The desire to use every effing word that rhymes...

    Welp, think I'm done with that bull. In short, I'm a sensitive, empathic, but also occasionally severely c#nty [email protected] who is diagnosed a bunch of fun things for which I take many medications. Used to be an IV drug user. Almost died. Lost my mind. Changed my life with the help of others. Came back to life. Depression. Wanted to die. Changed my life again. Good things are happening. Drugs are still fun. Tee hee.

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    Welcome welcome trem0rz, and thank you for the intriguing introduction

    My poems also always rhyme. OCD could be a component in that, for sure. Oh, diagnosis's? I too am chock-full of them. This is a place of diversity, non-judgement, and is more or less like a family. So i urge you to check out Mental Health if you ever want to discuss meds, diagnosis's, or simply post how you're feeling today.

    I think you may also enjoy The Dark Side, which is a support forum for people still struggling with addiction.

    Wherever you may roam, i hope you bring your dope poetry with you.

    Peace for now my friend,
    - We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. -
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    I enjoyed your poem, your in the right place.

    Welcome to Bluelight
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