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    I?m a noob from Thomasville NC looking to find some like minded friends in the area! 35/M here. Don?t be shy, hit me up!
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    Greetings Slayerfan83,

    While it's all right and awesome to want to make friends, when you come on a forum that is centered around drug use and give the name of your city in your intro, asking for people to hit you up, it sort of sounds like sourcing. Now, i'm not accusing you of anything just yet, but i will warn you here and say be careful.

    Otherwise, yes, Bluelight is a great place to keep friends! We have a wide variety of topics, other than just drugs, and the crew is very warm and welcoming (if rules are being followed )

    So without further ado, Welcome to Bluelight!

    I hope you find some friends buddy! We all could use some!

    - We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. -
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    Welcome to Bluelight, it's nice to meet you

    Have a great day
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