Thread: A HOW TO 4 minimal withdrawl symptoms from Opioids **THAT ACTUALLY WORKS**

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    A HOW TO 4 minimal withdrawl symptoms from Opioids **THAT ACTUALLY WORKS** 
    Edited: Sourcing is not permitted, so I have taken that out. Where kratom is legal, it's pretty easy to find, so it's something new users of kratom will have to figure out for themselves where to get it.

    Hey everyone so I will share my story but b4 that for the ones going thru it right now I want to start with them & getting providing them with some info to give them relief. Withdrawl from opioids has IMO 3 stages. The initial SHOCK FEEL LIKE SHIT STAGE, 2nd is the rollercoaster ride up & down and all around is how you feel, 3rd imo the hardest the depression, the depleted energy levels that can sometimes last a really long time. I also want to stress that I am not a doctor, i also want to stress that your symptoms & durations of such is going to be on an individual basis "it all depends on your biology, brain chemistry, how long you were using, what opioid you were using & your dosage, along with your health & metabolism. So here it goes 1st and foremost thing you want to get is Kratom, you want to order it online and you want to try "if you can afford it" to get enough to last you at least 2 weeks. You should aim to take this for about the 1st month. You could order a variety and see which works for you BUT you do not want to run out mid way thru detoxing yourself. "If that does happen and you find yourself waiting for ur kratom to arrive in the mail, I suggest going to the closest smokeshop and buying some kratm there" ALSO HAVE TO ADD KRATOM IS ILLEGAL IN SOME STATES AND SOME CITIES/COUNTIES IN STATES, SO CHECK" Next go to a sprouts or whole foods type store & get Vitamin-C 1000mg, B-Complex 100, A Multivitamin, 5-HTP, Hylands Restful Legs & melatonin. Next go to GNC & get Gaba 750mg & L-Tyrosine 1000mg *BOTH OF THESE* are extremely important as they help repair your nervous system and help getting those brain receptors active again and producing dopamine and endorphins again. Those are the things that gives us humans joy, pleasure and without them your in hell...
    You want to eat healthy "dosent have to be a lifetime decision but for now, for at least the 1st month eat as much greens & fruit you can, stay away from fast food and processed food as this will slow ur recovery!!!! N I know u hear this all the time & seems so minimal but its prob the most important one and prob the hardest one to accomplish when your feeling like shit is exercise!!! I'm telling you tho with all those things I just mentioned I was able to get up everyday, walk my dogs, some days I was able to ride my bicycle to the supermarket to get food, a feat that I was NEVER ABLE TO DO Before!!! Lastly Kratom you want to be off that by 2 months, we dont want to substitute 1 addiction for another & yes it can be addicting BUT nothing like heroin or opioids & the withdrawls if you do become addicted on a scale of 1-10 comparing it to opioid withdrawls is a 2 again IMO.

    Tomorrow I will come back and finish this post, add my story but I need to get some sleep. I hope this helps a bit and gets you on the right track & I swear this worked for me, n I'm not a health whacko, or some gym meathead, I'm a normal addict that broke my hand got addicted to percocet and went up the ladder to H. I have 2 failed attempts at sobriety & 1 succesful... After being on suboxone for a lil over 10yrs 3x/daily the 8mg/2mg strips for 10yrs and I stopped cold turkey!!!! Yes I had light withdrawls but they were manageable, which I never could do before, the worst part for me was the rls type feeling in my legs, arms and shoulders or joints. The depression and energy levels on some days, NOT all. I'll be back tomorro, night everyone
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    Hey Jimmy!

    That's great information. Thanks for sharing that. I have a sneaking suspicion that one if the mods are going to <snip> the name of the Kratom vendor lol. No sourcing allowed on BL. No biggie. You're probably new to BL.

    I think that's the vendor I ordered Kratom from actually. Unfortunately, it didn't help me w withdrawal. It seems Kratom helps some people, and not others like a 50/50 thing.

    But, when it does help, it seems magnificent. It made me nauseous as hell, and very anxious. I probably took, I don't know, like 12-20 grams at a time. I had/have a high tolerance. Maybe that's the issue. Maybe on the 4th-ish day it would help? I don't know.

    Also, loperamide doesn't help me either initially. I go through about 3 bad days, and then I level out on it. I don't produce whatever enzyme or chemical is needed to help w loperamide I guess. After the 3 days it helps, I feel completely stable at that point.

    Or if I take a high dose of loperamide, DXM (the Mucinex for coughing) I take the DXM as directed, and some amitriptyline - that I'm prescribed, 25mg (to help me w pain and to sleep), I take 2 of them. Then it's effective. I just wanted to put this information out there for anyone that may be resistant to loperamide like me.

    Also, I take Neurontin (gabapentin) daily, so the supplement may not help me. But, all the other stuff you mentioned, is definitely worth trying. I'm taking note of it.

    How do you feel excercise helps w the withdrawal? It's so hard to function while weak and every other hellish symptom from withdrawal. Please share how you feel it moved things along.

    Thanks for the informative post. And congratulations! Well done.
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