Thread: Mandrax powder testing (Quaalude/Methaqualone)

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    Mandrax powder testing (Quaalude/Methaqualone) 
    After a long search I sourced what I?m told is South African Mandrax powder. It?s just white powder, and extensive googling has not provided a Mandrax test kit. Can anybody help me? I?d like to know it is what I?m told it is before taking it. All comments appreciated 😀
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    It's a little strange to me that such a substance would be sold as "South African Mandrax Powder"... is it supposed to be crushed up Mandrax pills? If not, surely it would just be sold as methaqualone.

    Anyway it's not surprising you weren't able to find a test kit for this substance which is somewhat rare these days, outside South Africa, anyway. Your best bet is to find an independent lab that you can send a small sample to. There are various ones around, some of which accept anonymous samples. A little more googling and you should be able to find one.
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    Thank you... you are right of course. It came from a ?speciality? source. Best I?ve been able to find is a saliva test, but one assumes you need to ingest the substance first. I?ll dig a little harder😀
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    Considering how exceedingly rare methaqualone is outside of South Africa, I would expect it to be an analogue or similar impostor compound. I would strongly recommend getting a proper lab test because even if it's the real deal, it will be made in a clandestine lab and some of the impurities can be quite harmful.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!
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    Google "methaqualone reagent test". There are several options.
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