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    Looking for feedback and advice 
    need of advice
    I'm a young addict in need of advice.
    You see, I'm quite young but I've done it all, well almost. Most any drug you can name I've done. Since I was less than double digits I was drinking hard liquor and doing hard drugs and quit smoking cigarettes. 6 years later I quit ... For 10 month's. I started smoking weed again but still no Tabacco. mushrooms on the weekend, and the oucasional line of coke. When I quit I started drinking more, it worked, but something I didn't think of was the rittalin (methylphenidate) i was prescribed. I am prescribed 40 mgs a day but in the past few months I've started taking less some days to snort more often. Rittalin really helps me in school thought. I get high 90s in all my classes. I know that if I stop taking rittalin it's likely ilbdrop out of school. So I'm addicted to a drug I need. Only problem is that I need less to function and my body needs more to satisfy cravings. How can I live in withdrawal everday. Secondly im a possible undiagnosed scitsofrenic. When I'm on rittalin I'm chill, more aware. If I get a diagnosis it's possible il lose my prescription. I have no family or friends to reach out to and if I did I wouldn't want to. I need the drug to succeed. What is the right thing to do?
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    Are you looking for someone to tell you what you need or allow you to justify continuing using?

    What you need to do is get a different doctor, be honest about abusing your prescription and get a psych referral. Having found a doctor who will prescribe you a drug is not the same as needing that drug. I was prescribed addictive drugs that I didn't need, 12 years later I'm in rehab. This isn't to say you don't need it. I'm not a doctor.

    Then be honest at your psych referral about the likely.childhood trauma that got you using so young. You will need to be clean before you can work on that.

    Unfortunately the received wisdom for poly drug abusera like us is that we can never use any drugs without consequences, addiction is progressive, and it will take everything from you if you dont stop. Read around here to bad it gets. Though when I was young I'd never believed I was like that so.would have carried on regardless.

    I truly hope you take advice from someone with their had screwed on and can kick this before it kicks youi
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    Thank you. I will try
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    If your not taking more then the doctor prescribes then your not abusing it and it's ok to take it. But you do need to beware that addiction is a progressive condition in that it escalates as you get older. If you can seek out phychiatric help it would be a good idea
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    I would suggest you get counseling. Take the methylphenidate right. I understand it works for you but it?s not worth getting high off. Be honest w what you dealing with with yourself and your doc.
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