I'll start by saying I know a good amount of information when it comes to this as I've done a lot of research and such, so I wouldn't classify myself as a "noob" by any means.
So I?ve been on suboxone for a little over two years now. I know that?s longer than recommended but I wanted to get the taper done right and I had a lot of things going on that I knew would trigger my inevitable relapse. Anyways, I NEED to taper off as I?ve moved and am running on my ?emergency stockpile?. I currently have about 15 8mg strips and 45 2mg strips. I?m currently on 1/3 (2.66mg) - 1/4 (2mg) of an 8mg strip and have some concerns moving forward with this as I have a good job and am afraid it?s going to effect it, and can?t afford to take a week or two off. So, after going to helpmegetoffdrugs.com and using their taper calendar, I came up with a crude plan, maybe with extending each step a bit. I currently take my dose in the morning but take a TINY sliver at night to help me sleep. probably equating less than .5mg. I?m sure it?s just mental, but it works. So I found myself stuck at this 1/3-1/4 for a bit. I?d like to get down to 1/8 of an 8mg strip and then switch over to the 2mg strips to ween down further and have a more successful/accurate taper. I noticed every day around 10-11 I start yawning almost uncontrollably, and then I end up feeling ultra sensitive until I take that previously mentioned sliver. I?d like to know what I can do to maybe help me have an easier time with this. I have Prozac, Clonidine and Buspirone from the past few years that could be helpful. Is there anything over the counter that I could take to lessen some of the symptoms? Oh, I also have to inject myself weekly with testosterone. Alright, sorry for the novel of information, but that?s what I?m working. If someone can help me, I?d be forever in your debt. I can?t really talk about this with anyone in my life, so anything would be more helpful I?m sure.