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Thread: are u kidding

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    are u kidding

    So I just spent close to two hours finally writing what I've needed to get out there, and asking for help and advise and when I finally go to submit it, I'm taken to a blank page that does nothing?!?I've refreshed it opened it in another tab, nothing. And all I've written is gone. And I'm not about to rewrite and re think it all over again so WHAT THE FUCK is there any way to get back all I had written?

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    Try going back into the thread, check the bottom left corner of the text box. There may be an option to restore the majority of your text.

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    ^But probably not if you’ve closed your browser since it happened.

    Sounds like a browser problem to me, nothing with Bluelight itself. I’ve never had that happen. Which one do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mal3volent View Post
    ^But probably not if you’ve closed your browser since it happened.

    Sounds like a browser problem to me, nothing with Bluelight itself. I’ve never had that happen. Which one do you use?
    I could be wrong but I dont think it's stored in your browser cache. I think it's stored in vbulletin.

    The reason it happens is because we've been receiving ddos attacks and sometimes cloudflare throws up a page that blocks you posting. I would reccomend trying to restore the post by clicking 'new thread' and seeing if it says restore post at the bottom left of the text box. If not, I'm afraid the post is gone. You could always try summarising the post in a few paragraphs.

    I think its good practise just now to copy your posts to the clipboard before posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alasdairm View Post
    all may not be lost. go back to the post to which you were responding and hit the button.

    when the reply window appears, look to the bottom left corner and you should see a button which says 'restore auto-saved content'. it looks like this:

    click it and see what happens.

    going forward, maybe get in the habit of, especially when writing long replies, just copying your reply once in a while? you can do it with two keypresses (in windows): <control><a><control><c>

    <control><a> selects all text and <control><c> copies it to your clipboard.

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    Our worst sober people work only behind the scenes. We think with joy of the day when we shall be able to say Methamphetamine for the Users. Out with the sober. Heil Crystal Meth. No notion of the sober danger.

    if you have a serious/long post, type it up in a word processor first.

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    I'm sorry that happened to you, Clementine. I've had that happen too, and it always sucks. I think Captain Heroin's point above is really the key to avoiding this. Unfortunately bugs can happen on the site's end, your ISP's end, the browser's end, or heck, the power could go out, so if you're writing something involved, best to write it in a word processor and "save early, save often!"


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    Hey mate sometimes it's best to just do a paragraph intro then add more later.

    Dont give up!

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