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    Getting clean starting in morning 
    What?s up y?all. Got a habit of oxycodone for about a year straight take roxys 120 mg twice a day ... I?ve stopped before and and gone back... grabbed some more subs again I got three 8mg/2mg subs ... I?m gonna do this and I?m doing it for good... I?m gonna taper off just till physical w/d are gone... I?m tired of this life and I?m ready to be normal again. Any advice while I do this would be great I know I can do it!
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    Hi Nick, I'm going to move this over to Sober Living and hopefully someone can help you with a plan.
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    Hey Nick,

    How was day one? I hope it was good.
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    hey Nick hope your sober by now! Join a NA or some sort of support group, it can help a lot. I joined the military and that was my way of dealing with my fear of relapse, cant use and abuse in the military, not saying thats the end all be all but, it helped for me. Without it I probably would of relapsed multiple times, I didn't have anyone to fall back on, I didn't see any therapist, in fact, I didn't even tell anyone about my addiction until about one year into the military and I was getting some pretty strong erges to use again but, I knew if I did then popped for a drug test that would be my life down the line forever tarnished with an other than honorable discharge from the military. This pushed me to stay sober and I actually did relapse but it was a hit and quit, instant regret right after I was honorably discharged.

    I don't want to talk about my story we each have our own but my point is find something to keep you sober, a friend to tell them to monitor you and punch you in the face if you ever used again, a group, a good job that drug tests or w/e. Something, it helps a lot and you will only benefit from it. Not saying you will get a craving to use again but it happens, just stay strong.
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    Hey how is the taper going? That is a big habit and a small amount of sub. You may need a longer taper. You will certainly need some comfort meds after the Suboxone is gone. Let us know how you are doing and if you need any advice.

    Good luck!
    Addicted? Want to stop? We can help! Come to the sober living forum!
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    Hey Nick,

    How are you? We're here rooting for you.

    CJ, is so right. Don't be discouraged if you don't feel immediately stable on subs.

    When I used to occasionally take subs, the first few days I allowed myself to take 8mg or more. Then after I felt stable I'd drop down to 4mg a day. I'd take 2mg in a.m. and 2 in p.m. I'm currently prescribed Subutex. And so grateful.

    Even when I'm having a shitty day, like today, I remind myself how much worse it would be if I wasn't on subs.

    Hope you check in Nick!
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