Thread: This girl is driving me crazy!! Help!!

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    This girl is driving me crazy!! Help!! 
    So basically im a girl who is falling / quite infatuated with this sexy arse chick!!
    I have had a brief sexual encounter with another girl before but ive never felt this way or full on about another chick. Safe to say im falling hard.
    So she is into women so thats all good. But she is driving me crazy!
    I can't help but chase her she is mesmerising and gives me all the signals but makes me come to her. Buuut..
    She is sending me bat shit crazy lol.

    She asks me to come over and then when i message her about it she's all im busy and im free sat for a bit the kids will be running around like usual. Gah. She's been playing games and she knows it. Self proclaimed in "playing with her prey" I can't seem to get enough but in going out of my mind. It comsumes my day even when i have all these plans to go enjoy bla bla blaa. Gah.

    So i decided i wont see her tomorrow because omfg i can't be that pathetic right? But at the same time daam i fucking need to so bad you know what i mean.

    Any help would be appreciated to get this shit under control.

    She is on my mind 24/7 she is in my god dam dreams but i am frustrated as hell.

    Yes advice.. pleeeease!!!

    Like im a happy confident chick and im not one to chace but she has me running around in circles and i can't deal. Lol.

    Thanks for any help or advice!!
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    Oh sorry about the catagory I was unable to post in the correct area as it did not give me an option ox
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magical Butterfly View Post
    Self proclaimed in "playing with her prey"
    She just sounds like another boring dime-a-dozen manipulative narcissist. I would totally ignore her and move on.
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    Welcome to Bluelight Magical butterfly

    In regards to advice, in my experience, people who like to play games don't really ever stop. Life is a game to them. So, if you think you want to change her, i'd say don't bet on it happening. These types of people really only get worse in time, as they learn and adapt. They're control freaks.

    Anyway, enough down-talking your sexy arse chick.

    The question is: Is the physical aspect worth the emotional abuse? Could you maintain this?

    It seems like it's already taking a toll on you. As CFC said, it might just be better to leave while your brain is still in-tact.
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    What exactly did you need advice on?

    You like her... you're going to keep communicating with her...
    You think she's playing with're scared you're going to get hurt....

    But you're obsessed with her.... you're falling for her fast.....

    If you're right and she IS playing with you....

    You will get hurt.
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