Thread: Canadian Hospital Unveils Physician-Assisted Suicide Plan for ?Sick Kids'

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    I think when it comes to a minor, parents should have to be involved in making that sort of decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeister View Post
    I think when it comes to a minor, parents should have to be involved in making that sort of decision.
    Involved is fine, but ultimately the decision should be between the patient and the doctors.

    Way I see it, the best way to handle the issue with minors, is the minor should be evaluated by mental health professions, perhaps 2, in consultation with the doctor providing care for the disease. And they should jointly come to a decision. If the minor disagrees, they can seek another opinion. If the parents disagree, I suppose they can take it to the courts, but my point is it shouldn't be their sole decision.
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    I call BS on this article.

    Taking a terminally ill child who has zero chance off life support is not "euthanasia", it's accepting the inevitable. Britain and other countries have had major court cases addressing this, where parents wanted to ship their near-dead children all over the world to try experimental treatments that will never work, all while causing extreme suffering to the child. The laws give the hospitals the ability to pull the plug in such situations.

    It's not really a matter of socialized medicine vs. private health care. It's about ending needless suffering. Even under the U.S. health care model, if a patient is terminally ill and dependent on life support equipment, they won't let them sit there indefinitely. Eventually a decision must be made.

    As for the mentally ill... the patient would have to through rigorous evaluation and more than one professional opinion before they'd be allow to do that.

    This article sounds like right-walk talk radio BS. Turning this subject into a condemnation of socialized health care makes me angry. Euthanasia law is formed based on medical ethics, not financial accounting. If it were about money, the state would be mass euthanizing anyone with a terminal condition, regardless if they have 1 more or 1 year.

    It's unethical to force someone to suffer to the bitter end or to live a life of permanent mental anguish that will never be cured. If they want to die, let them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TLB
    My intent remains a discussion not on the specific instance, but on the overall topic of assisted suicide and BLers perspectives of it. I think, in that sense, the thread is doing well.

    I am having trouble with this topic because of the term "suicide", which to me means taking ones own life by choice, choosing to not live when one would have lived otherwise.

    Suicide doesn't describe what euthanasia does in a mental picture and I am in no way supportive of a person who simply doesnt want to live anymore being able to insist another ends their life.

    The above scenario is asking for murder to be legalised or a doctor to murder.

    Assisted suicide: technically this is already available quite blatantly (just not legally )where I live and it's where the line us between being charged with murder or being thanked by the patient.

    A palliative care doctor here has recently been cleared of murder charges even though she admitted to hastening the death of as emphysema patient who was slowly suffocating to death and is still practising in that field.

    This is as close to ending the life of another to causing a death as anyone can go, if the patient was still able to breathe on her own then the doctor would be in jail

    As for kids, I unfortunately have in my world and have had terminally I'll kids.

    It's weird with them. It's as if they do decide when enough is enough and stop fighting, maybe because they dont have much sense of mortality or are that attached to this world they are afraid to leave.
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