Thread: Anyone else use Longtec 30mg oxycodone?

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    Anyone else use Longtec 30mg oxycodone? 
    Hello all, recently I have come across a large amount of these 30mg oxy tabs made by Longtech. They are smallish reddish brown colored pills with 30 stamped on one side and "oc" on the other. Also they come in blister packs with 14 pills in each sheet. I'm very familiar with the regular 30mg blue oxys that are IR and the slow release "op" pills as well but I have never seen these until now. Are they like the old formula oxycontin pills? The outside coating on the pills can be easily scraped off and the rest ground up with a hose clamp or by just crushing them and dont turn to jelly when snorted or mixed with water. I can't seen to find anyone else who is prescribed or buys these. Anyone out there getting these instead of the blue roxy's or the OPs?
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    It would seem you are the proud owner of the original "OC" style controlled release Oxycodone pills. And by old OC style I mean Ammoniomethacrylate co-polymer instead of hard as plastic polyethylene oxide "OP" controlled release that plagues everyone today.

    While they won't break down quite as cleanly as the blue Roxicodne IR style, they are worlds better than the OP's. My advice would be to use caution though as it won't take long to break a few down into a potent pile of IR Oxy with minimal work.

    Stay Safe and Congrats Fertile Ferret69. Welcome to BL as well!
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