Thread: Getting off of 2mg /day alprazolam ASAP

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    Getting off of 2mg /day alprazolam ASAP 
    Been taking 2mg of alprazolam at night for sleep for roughly 3 months, prior to that I had taken 7.5mg zopiclone for roughly 4 weeks at night

    Wanting to get off of it ASAP, noticed what seemed like some withdrawal symptoms throughout the following day after I hadn't taken any for 24 hours, (shaking, derealization, lightheaded/dizzy, panic etc)

    Got my doctor to give me some clonazepam 2mg and my plan is to take 0.5mg in the morning and 1mg at night for 1 week, followed by .5 in the morning and .5 at night the following week and then reducing both doses to 0.25mg the next

    Should I worry about dosing throughout the day as it seems I'm getting withdrawals throughout the day suddenly, or should I just worry about tapering the dose at night going from 2 / 1.5 / 1 / .5 instead of adding a dose during the day

    Also taking dexamphetamine at 50mg a day, should I stop temporarily while doing this?

    Mainly just wanting to get off of it as quickly as possible whilst remaining relatively safe from seizures and without going through some long and slow taper

    Happy to hear any advice or opinions

    Thanks a lot
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    You're going to have to experience a little discomfort to taper off but it's most fortunate that you have a doctor willing to work with you. The Clonazepam should make the cessation a breeze compared to what some have to go through.

    As far as the Amps, I would cut way back during the benzo drops as not only can it add to a seizure risk, it might be dysphoric during mild benzo WD. Even though you are fairly safe as far as complications like seizures go because of the Clonazepam, if you can abstain from or cut way down on the amphs till this is all over with, and for maybe a week to ten days after your last benzo dose, you should get through this with minimal discomfort and have some extra dexamph afterwards.

    Welcome to BL crackhead221 and Best of Luck to You
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    May I ask why you are stopping the xanax and taking klonopin instead? I was really addicted to xanax and other benzos for 1.5 years, the withdrawal was HORRIFIC and I went to professional detox facilities twice. They gave me librium, which is a benzo, but it was tapered. I would ask your doctor for librium, it is what is used in detox facilities and it is not as strong as klonopin. Klonopin is strong and it lasts for a long time unlike xanax which is also strong but is shorter acting.
    Basically, don't substitute one benzo for another because you are wasting your time. Librium is the way to go, it is also used for alcohol detox.
    Sources: I have been on and off benzos for 13 years. Detoxed last year off of xanax, which is the worst benzo and I am currently on Klonopin.
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