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Thread: Invega Court Order, Legal Advice or Help?

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    Invega Court Order, Legal Advice or Help?

    Hey everyone, I'm new here.
    Wondered if anyone has any advice for how to get off of a court order for forced injections of Invega? I'm in a mess where I was diagnosed as schizoaffective when I was really in cold turkey benzo withdrawal after nine years on Klonopin.
    I'm on a new recent court order where I've received four monthly injections of Invega Sustenna but they have ordered me for another year/12 months. I wondered if anybody on this community knew of legal resources to stop these kind of court orders, especially when it's based on a misdiagnosis of anxiety and benzo withdrawal?
    The worst part of the Invega and Depakote forced order is I have been unable to read more than 20 pages in any book for three-year months with those meds and it's hell because my life was about reading.
    Any hope that there's a way to figure this out? I have often fantasized about suicide since the order began... Why is the system allowed to make my life less worth living as a supposed treatment?

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    we have a coming off invega sustenna thread where you can find support you need if your having negative side effects/withdrawal symptoms.

    we have two threads with lots of info and full recovery stories. your not the first one to have an episode from drug usage and been forced onto it, not everyone who is on it has a mental illness.

    far as getting off a court order not much i can offer along those lines. some have found success with getting the verdict reversed due to circumstances. best of luck to you.

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    I was on court ordered injections of another med that made me gain a bunch of weight (about 80 pounds finally down to slightly more than my weight before this period and still losing. I'm no longer medically obese like I was I think I'm still considered overweight for another 5-10 pounds.)

    It fucking sucks, I will say at least in my state the court appointed lawyer was useless and an employee of the mental health system. I got off it by getting out of the mental health system (had been sent to a hospital for insane criminals, part of the prison system actually, then court ordered to a group home six months, and refused the offered housing and services after that.)

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    A lawyer in your area is your best resource. Sorry your going through this
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    So we really can't give legal advice. Closed.

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