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    Alternative to benzos? 
    Don't really have any connections/plugs and definitely not going to spend ?50 on a G.P. only to be shot down for a prescription.

    So, is there an alternative to benzos? My main use with be combining them with alcohol, codeine, nicotine, and pseudoephedrine. I've heard that antihistamines are the closest in this regard. I used to know a psych patient that took 5 antihistamines every morning, each from different brands. She says they were good for anxiety (though admits it could be a placebo effect). We definitely agreed though that it is better than the antipsychotics and antidepressants that psychs push. Not against psychiatry but all the "non addictive" meds are too sedating to have a recreational function.

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    Antihistamines can help to relieve anxiety and are sometimes prescribed for that use. Hydroxyzine is a good one, but it?s prescription. Recreational value is lousy.

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    We don't do drug recommendation here.

    If you decide to take another drug instead of benzos make sure it doesn't interact with anything else you're taking.

    You really have to be careful combining most things with alcohol, especially CNS depressants.

    I'm sorry, i gotta close this.

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