Thread: Youth Addiction and recovery

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    Youth Addiction and recovery 
    Im young for most do be going to NA and attempting to stay clean. However that hasnt been going well. I wanted to know if there were any other -18 addicts here that have gotten clean and if they have any tips.
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    I’m not the age you asked but my God what I would give to have another chance at being your age.
    i do have some advice though. STOP NOW!! Before it’s too late. Trust me. Absolutely nothing positive will come from using. You will never be able to meet your potential in life. I’m praying that you will make the right choices and steer your life in the right direction.
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    I didn't start until I was 18-19. I'm 29 now. Teenage and early adulthood is a difficult time for many. Tons of emotion and hormones, coupled with still figuring things out and exploring the world. It is possible though, and you definitely can do it. It's going to be far from easy, but most everything in life worth while is not easy. Biggest thing is to stay focused on the goal of recovery from addiction no matter what happens. They'll be times when you might give up or feel like giving up, but you have to push on.

    And it's more than just pushing forward and white knuckling through the withdrawals. It might involve getting into a new, more stable living situation, dropping some really close friends- maybe even family, doing shit you hate, and putting up with things that feel like too much. This is the work... and it's so hard when you don't see the reward. It's one of those tings where you have to trust in the process, the pay off will come after the work.

    What drugs are you using, in what amounts and for how long? What's the longest time you've been clean for? What else is going on in your life? Anything you care to talk about?
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