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    New here Ragna The Bloodedge 
    Hi everyone. I?m new here to bluelight but certainly not new to this forum. I have been searching posts on this site for a long time to find info on a lot of stuff including withdrawal and harm reduction.
    I figured it was finally time to create an account so I can ask questions and socialize. My drug of choice is basically everything except weed and hallucinations. I hate them. I live here in the states also.

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    Hey Ragna - Welcome officially to Bluelight

    Good to hear you're looking at harm reduction, as we are pretty big on that here.

    Just curious - why don't you like marijuana and hallucinogens? I'm not sure i could live without marijuana, and, IMO, it's "safer" than hard drugs in regard to addiction potential and over all effecting health. If you don't like it you don't like it - some people it just doesn't react well with - but i'd be curious as to your answer nonetheless.

    Anyway, i look forward to seeing you around!

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