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    New here and need help for my podcast!! 
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    I'm working on season two of a podcast called Not High Yet, a drugs and addiction advice show where people call up and ask questions about drug use or addiction.

    These questions can be anything from "I'm worried about my friend who is using heroin, what can I do to help?" to "is it true that Posh Spice can sniff three lines at the same time?" to "what are the best drugs to put up your asshole?"

    I want to provide a platform for honest and unbiased discussion about drug use and addiction from the perspective of a user, which is something that is seriously lacking in media.

    Serious or silly, I want to hear from you!!!! Go to or call +447717315352 to ask your questions!!
    Season two begins on the 5/11/18 so get them in before then to hear your questions answered on the podcast!
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    I listened to one of your episodes and thought it was quality content. I've flagged this posts so other staff can see it so we can find you the best spot for visibility.

    Thanks for what you do
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    Greetings KenzoNHY - Welcome to the Bluelight Community.

    I think this is a cool idea, with people such as CG Kid on youtube coming out about his meth usage and road to recovery, it seems to be a hot time to discuss unbiased drug use and addiction.

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    See you around!
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    Thank you White_Rose and Madness00. I really appreciate any feedback as it's been quite a journey! And it's very validating to hear that you think it's worth listening to. Thank you for your support and I look forward to being a part of the Bluelight community, I've found it incredibly useful over the years.

    I think you're right, we are beginning to be ready to discuss drug use openly and question the structure of the laws that govern their the evidence from Portugal and the Netherlands builds up! I'll look up CG Kid, I've never heard of him but I'm always looking for more interview possibilities! Thank you
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