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    Need Recommendations 
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    I put this thread here because this is the homeless section and I wasn't sure where else to put it, though the OD section and the DC section were tempting. I have been a junkie for 16 years and am currently on a Methadone/Benzo regimen that's working great. In the past I have had problems with IV cocaine and crack, which my girlfriend won't let me do. I'm not super into Meth because it's just not a good look on me, I don't handle it well. I love Addys, Dexes, and Vyvanse, but they are nearly impossible to come by where I live. Recently I have found some stellar sources for exotics. I am looking for a good, solid Cathinone to use. My gf and I like to use stimulants to enhance sex, to facilitate great conversations and I like it for work. What are your favorite cathinone derivatives? I'm looking for something ecstasy-ish but maybe slightly more functional. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    They don't allow What Should I Take threads on bluelight.

    But if you dig around in the MDMA and Empathogenic drugs sub-forum you should find what your looking for. Good luck man, hope you have a great time with your girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy Glow View Post
    They don't allow What Should I Take threads on bluelight.
    bingo. OP, best we can tell you is to research, research, research. use erowid, psychonaut wiki, our focus forums and trip reports sections, and every other resource you can to learn as much as you can and decide on your own what you want to do.

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